Collector's Edition Argyle pink diamonds including four pear shaped Argyle pink diamonds, natural fancy deep pink colour. Diamonds are equal to 0.17ct total and certified by the IGI.

Argyle pink diamonds, from the remote Kimberley region in Western Australia, are renowned for their rare beauty and vibrant hues. Coveted by global jewellers, collectors, and investors, the value of these distinctive and vibrant gemstones has soared over three decades, earning them the title of the world's most concentrated form of wealth. With the Argyle mine now closed and supplies finite, demand is set to rise even further.

The Collector’s Edition™ of Argyle pink diamonds offers unmatched significance. Each diamond is independently graded by the esteemed International Gemological Institute (IGI) in Antwerp to validate their origin, authenticity, and quality. The seal and certificate for each Collector’s Edition™ set pays homage to the Argyle mine's serendipitous 1979 discovery atop an anthill, celebrating its rich history and rarity. These diamonds are not only an investment but a testament to nature's extraordinary treasures. Become a part of diamond history with Collector’s Edition™ Argyle pink diamonds.

Style NumberA10133
GemstoneFour pear shape Argyle pink diamonds equal to 0.17ct natural fancy deep pink 
CertificationIGI #389901100
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