Guaxs: Crafted with Character

17 November 2023


Annette and Anselm Schaugg, Founders of GUAXS

GUAXS product designs are based on a philosophy that both intuitively and consciously leaves its mark on the experience of form. Cultural inspiration and preserved manual skills are intertwined to create objects that have an organic effect. The process of developing new product shapes that are distinct and unique require continual research.

The origin of a new form is a combination of inspiration from nature or culture, the process of experience and a spontaneous idea. Starting from this spiritual moment, the design evolution continues all the way through the visual dimension of draft to the physical experience of the hands while moulding.

At this point, the artisan joins in the process by working on the material. They manually work with the material and its characteristics to create impressive textured surfaces. The individual form of the design develops, making this process an event in itself.

At GUAXS, the distinctive character and quality of all objects begins during the process of creation. Both the selection of materials and the choice of manufacturers and cutters are made with the highest care. Mastery of exceptional craftsmanship and years of experience play a central role in this selection. In addition, all GUAXS manufacturers come from countries where the craft has a long tradition. In line with this work principle, GUAXS strive to preserve the craft and its local tradition.

Another quality feature of all GUAXS objects is their individual appearance. Each form is characterized by a variety of inspirations and the expression of one' s own creativity. All glass objects are mouth-blown and are produced purely by hand. Even the finishing of the surface is done individually by hand. GUAXS objects are mainly produced in small, exclusive factories.

To create a GUAXS object, there are many preliminary steps before the glassblower can blow the hot glass into a GUAXS mould. First, a metal mould must be made by hand for each piece, which corresponds exactly to the GUAXS shape. Glass blowing in GUAXS shapes requires the highest level of skill and concentration and can only be done by experienced craftspeople. This is especially the case when the process involves multiple layers of uniquely combined coloured glass. The natural traces of handwork by artisans can be identified by small bubbles that appear even after the various phases of grinding and polishing.

The object’s individual structure and unique character is formed after the different grinds have been developed and tried out in the design process. Several intricate and careful steps are followed to cut the glass surface by hand creating a distinct shape that represents GUAXS.

Every single GUAXS shape is a unique object, a one-of-a-kind piece of the highest craftsmanship.


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