David Yurman at Fairfax & Roberts

David Yurman – America’s premier luxury jewellery brand is available in Australia with an exclusive range on offer at Fairfax & Roberts.

David Yurman jewellery is the epitome of casual luxury and, while each piece is a statement by itself, it is also the perfect complement to your existing pieces and can be stacked, layered and mixed as your mood takes you.

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"The experience, from the minute I stepped through the door, was amazing. I knew straight away that this was the place.”

- Thomas Denehy, May 2019

The World of F&R

When Fairfax & Roberts first opened its doors on Sydney’s George St in 1858, a journey of luxury bespoke jewellery began.

Over our 163-year history, we have crafted treasured possessions and fine jewellery heirlooms. From our earliest days as fine watchmakers, our uncompromising standards of craftsmanship and the timeless sophistication of our designs have defined our brand. This heritage informs our standards and drives us to create the finest in handcrafted luxury jewellery that is meaningful now, and into the future.

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