Arnold & Son Luna Magna: Space & Contrasts

02 April 2024

The ever-changing moon is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Arnold & Son. And so, the largest and most spectacular moon in the watchmaking cosmos begins a new cycle with Luna Magna.

With contrasts between its shades, materials and perceptions, the Luna Magna collection is brought to life by the oppositions, symbols and energies of its fundamental components.

Arnold & Son Luna Magna

Endless Details

The meteorite’s criss-crossing, jagged geometric structures, which are known as “Widmanstätten patterns”, reflect the light across a vast surface. The moon, a sphere formed half from opal and half from meteorite, reflects the nature of the celestial body.

The various materials catch the light and give this timepiece multiple different faces. Arnold & Son selected these stones both for their moonlike porcelain hue and their properties which make it possible to add Super-LumiNova – invisible by day but glowing blue-green at night.

Arnold & Son Luna Magna

An endless mechanism

Luna Magna is driven by the A&S1021 calibre, which has been fully developed, machined, assembled and adjusted in the Arnold & Son workshop. This hand-wound calibre, which has been designed with the lunar globe in mind, features a 90-hour power reserve and a regulating organ oscillating at a frequency of 3 Hz. The movement also includes a secondary display detailing the age of the moon on the caseback side. It’s clearly readable markings are designed for high-precision lunar adjustments.

Arnold & Son Luna Magna

The sophisticated celestial mechanics are also based on precise astronomical reality. The duration of a complete lunar cycle is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.8 seconds and Arnold & Son has managed to replicate it in such a way that it will take 122 years for the movement’s display to deviate from the correct celestial reading by one day.

The distinguished elegance of this limited-edition collection highlights the high-level craftsmanship and detailing of Arnold & Sons exquisite timepieces.

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