Understanding the various facets of Jewellery buying ensures that each piece is a timeless addition to your collection

Diamond Cut Guide

It’s said that the diamond cut is the most important characteristic. Use our guide to help you select the right cut for your piece.

Diamond Colour Guide

Diamond colour comes second only to cut when choosing your perfect diamond.

Diamond Carat Weight Guide

When choosing a diamond, carat weight is the element that’s usually most discussed.

Diamond Clarity Guide

Clarity refers to the natural imperfections that occur in all but the absolute finest of diamonds.

Diamond Certification Guide

Diamond certification, also known as a Diamond Grading Report, is the official evaluation of the various qualities of a diamond.

Engagement Ring Metal Guide

When choosing a metal for your engagement ring there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Jewellery Care & Maintenance

Paying attention to jewellery maintenance will reward you with jewellery that looks as good as it did the first time you wore it.

Wedding Guide

Wedding jewellery and wedding gifts for the bride and the groom.

Ring Size Chart

Use this chart to help you find the right ring size

Birthstone Guide

All you need to know guide about birthstones and the gems of the calendar

Gemstone hardness guide

The ultimate gemstone hardness guide & mohs scale of hardness

Coloured Gemstone Guide

The knowledge to confidently navigate the world of coloured gemstones.