Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

25 March 2024

Wedding Anniversary Gifts By Year

  • 1st Year: Paper

  • 2nd Year: Cotton

  • 3rd Year: Leather

  • 4th Year: Fruit & Flowers

  • 5th Year: Wood

  • 6th Year: Iron

  • 7th Year: Copper

  • 8th Year: Bronze

  • 9th Year: Pottery

  • 10th Year: Tin/Aluminium

  • 20th Year: China

  • 30th Year: Pearl

  • 40th Year: Ruby

  • 50th Year: Gold

  • 60th Year: Platinum

Anniversary gift ideas

Your wedding day is just the start of a life together. Custom dictates you to celebrate your special date each year with a gift. There are traditional gifts for each anniversary but we’ve taken those and given them a luxury jewellery spin.

1st year: Paper

Instead of writing your love a notecard, why not engrave your message on a signet ring or cufflinks? It’s a love note they’ll cherish forever.

Signet Ring



2nd year: Cotton

A simple diamond bracelet makes a stylish alternative anniversary present to a new set of bedsheets and is oh-so-more wearable. 

Indra bracelet
Roberto Demeglio bracelet

3rd year: Leather

The third year of marriage is traditionally celebrated with leather - these sophisticated timepieces are a perfect interpretation of that sentiment. 

Perrelet watch
Arnold & Son watch

4th year: Fruit and Flowers

Fresh flowers are lovely, but those blooms fade all too quickly - these sweet floral studs or this stunning watch will last forever and remind her of the first four years of your union.

arnold & son watch


5th year: Wood

Surprise your husband with this bracelet - no, they’re not made of wood, but the wood-look brown sapphires . For her may we suggest the Wolgan Necklace - inspired by the natural beauty of Wolgan Valley, which is also the perfect destination for your wedding anniversary getaway.



6th year: Iron

Our luxe take on this edgy anniversary gift is a black diamond pavé set earrings and a signet ring for him.


Signet Ring

7th year: Copper

Custom would have that the anniversary gift for this year signifies copper. We’ve put a luxury spin on that with these pavé set drop earrings or rose gold and diamond bracelet.

Wedding anniversary gift ideas - Image 11 set drop earrings  -


8th year: Bronze

Celebrate eight years together with an anniversary gift that is truly special - this pair of Cleopatra earrings are made in 18ct rose and white gold and these striking amber old fashion glasses are perfect for an after dinner drink.
Cleopatra Earrings
nouvel glass

9th year: Pottery

We’ve translated pottery into ceramic enamel in this stunning pendant earrings - a fitting gift for your ninth anniversary. A stylish husband will appreciate this masculine bracelet.





10th year: Tin/Aluminium

Congratulations on ten years of marriage! To celebrate, this momentous occasion a hand-crafted, colourful cocktail ring is an unforgettable piece that will be adored forever. For him, this intertwined-look ring signifying the strength of your commitment to each other.

diamond ring
men's platinium ring


20th year: China

You could honour 20 years of marriage with a new dinner service or, you could put a luxury jewellery spin on your “china” special day with a pair of elegant South Sea pearl drop earrings or a iconic timepiece.

earring sea south pearl
watch Arnols & Son

30th year: Pearl

Celebrate 30 years together with an anniversary gift of this exquisite pearl necklace or cufflinks

pearl necklace
pearl cufflinks

40th year: Ruby

A diamond and ruby necklace is a luxury piece that can be worn everyday, reminding her of your forty years of commitment to each other. This necklace is perfect to wear alone or layered with existing pieces. For him, a ruby encrusted lapel pin will complement any suit and shirt combination.
rubi necklace
rubi lapel pin

50th year: Gold

50 years together is an incredible accomplishment - celebrate with this stunning  white diamond tennis bracelet set in delicate yellow gold or a Swiss-made timepiece.

tennis bracelet
arnold & Son watch red gold

60th year: Diamond

A 60th wedding anniversary is well worth celebrating in style and this stunning tourmaline and diamond ring makes a real statement of enduring love and commitment, proving your love is just as strong as the day she said: “I do”. 

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