Tourbillon Watches. Defying Gravity in Style. Inspired by timeless design principles, in an uncompromising quest for beauty and style.


The History of Bianchet

Rodolfo and Emmanuelle Festa Bianchet, decided to follow their dream in 2017 to build a Swiss watch brand reflecting their personality and combining modernity, cutting-edge techniques and a refined aesthetic. Rodolfo was a successful entrepreneur in the Fintech sector and watch collector, his wife Emmanuelle, a lover of fine objects, architecture, and design. Together, their passions represent the very starting point of their Haute Horlogerie adventure immortalising timeless design principles in their ultra-contemporary creations to create an everlasting legacy.
Bianchet Flying Tourbillon

Bianchet presents its first in-house flying tourbillon movement. Born to defy gravity, the tourbillon mechanism invented by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1795 is considered the most prestigious Haute Horlogerie complication. This complex mechanism requires a high level of expertise and precision to construct, and remains a symbol of horological excellence to this day.
Crafted from grade 5 titanium including the bridges of the tourbillon cage, every movement is elegantly decorated, then finished by hand, and assembled in Bianchet's atelier in Switzerland.
As if suspended in the air, the flying tourbillon cage rotates without any visible bridge, allowing a clear view of this engineering marvel.
The Micro-Mechanics of Bianchet Watches

Bianchet tourbillon watches are composed of highly complex parts and advanced materials requiring high-precision machines and perfect skills. The openwork architecture of the movement takes the center stage and sublimates the cutting-edge micro-mechanics.

Bianchet has developed exclusive materials such as Titanium-Dust-High-Density-Carbon, which results in a highly resistant and light material offering the properties of a high-tech composite with the nobility of a precious metal.
The sleek, unadorned bezel of the Bianchet barrel case blends seamlessly with the case middle, enhancing its smooth lines and discreet lugs, which give it a modern elegant look.

The architecture of the skeleton movement is entirely made of Grade 5 Titanium, including the bridges of the tourbillon cage, creating a strong, resistant, non-magnetic structure.
Bianchet Watch Craftsmanship

Guided by the craftsman's  gesture, hand-bevelling which is particularly difficult to achieve on titanium, gives life to the contours of the bridges and sublimates the beauty of the components.

The art of Haute Horlogerie, mainly executed by hand, requires complete undivided attention. A suspended moment in time when the passion of the creator transfers to the object to convey the highest level of quality.
Bianchet Watch Design

Known as the Divine Proportion, the golden ratio 1.618 is found in some of the most harmonious and everlasting creations in art, architecture, or music. From Leonardo da Vinci, Le Corbusier, to Debussy, this mysterious number is also ever-present in nature and in the formation of the galaxies.

The flowing lines, the colour details, the engineering concept behind every Bianchet watch component is a perfect illustration of the Italian design approach and eagerness to create an object of desire, that is beautiful from its conception up to its aesthetic execution.