Mauron Musy

Innovative watch engineering. 100% Swiss Crafted

Mauron Musy

About Mauron Musy

Mechanics and design are the two pillars of traditional watchmaking. As a pioneer, the Mauron Musy brand has chosen a third path: the dressing complication. An unprecedented area of development which required 3 years of research, lead to the adaptation of machines to new standards, as well as the development of innovative processes.

Mauron Musy watches stem from cutting-edge experimentation and testing, often conducted for the first time in watchmaking to create distinctive and beautifully crafted timepieces.

Swiss Crafted Watches by Mauron Musy

It is in the Broye Valley, in the heart of the Three Lakes region which extends to the foot of the Jura, that Eric Mauron and Christophe Musy created the watch brand that bears their names. Children of the country, they are deeply attached to the values which mark Swiss watchmaking and which have strongly shaped their character.
This is why they never compromise on quality and always prefer local production.
Mauron Musy watches are not stamped “Swiss Made”, but “Swiss Crafted”. A label which certifies that 100% of the watch – movement, case, dial – are entirely designed, created and manufactured in Switzerland.
The 200 elements that are used to create the watches are manufactured within a 60 km radius of their workshop.
nO-Ring® Technology by Mauron Musy

Mauron Musy watches stem from cutting-edge experimentation and testing, often conducted for the first time in watchmaking.
For example, their nO-Ring® technology is so precise that the watch does not require any rubber seal to be waterproof and therefore no specific maintenance to change them. An innovative construction and extreme precision, provide complete waterproofness from 0 to 300 meters in all conditions. This represents a true paradigm shift in the field of containment, propelling the mechanical function of water resistance to the status of “watch exterior complication”.

The Mauron Musy Difference

Embedding the most unique technology in the world, Mauron Musy watches can be forgotten on the wrist whatever the circumstance. Neither water, nor the sun, nor the snow, nor the sand are able to detract from the intrinsic qualities of these exceptional pieces.