Alternatives to a Diamond Engagement Ring

21 December 2023

A traditional gemstone engagement ring has long been a symbol of an engagement announcement. Today’s rising cost of living may be putting a diamond engagement ring beyond the reach of many young couples, however there are a multitude of stunning alternatives available.

Gemstones exist in a wide variety of colours and many semi-precious stones, can be far less expensive than diamonds.

Below are a few popular choices for gemstones that can be featured in an engagement ring as an alternative to diamonds.

Morganite Ring

This blush-hued, semi-precious stone is a feminine and affordable alternative to the traditional diamond engagement ring. Its delicate pastel colours range from rosy pink to salmon and peach, which look like pale pink diamonds. It also passes the durability test, rating 8 out of 10 on the Mohs scale.

Australian Sapphire Engagement Ring

Australian Sapphire

Demand for Australian sapphires has been increasing steadily, particularly for those in shades of teal and parti varieties (a sapphire that displays two or more distinct colours). While a classic blue sapphire conveys love and commitment, yellow represents grace and power, and green stones exude tranquility and calmness. With quality that is comparable to diamonds, sapphires can last a lifetime of daily wear.

Aquamarine Ring


Due to the way that they are formed, the aquamarine stone is often found in flawless or near-flawless crystals allowing for lovely transparency and eye-clean quality. Known for its strength and durability, aquamarine has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale. This gem symbolises purity, loyalty and hope, as well as honesty, trust and fidelity making it a perfect engagement ring choice.

Cognac Diamonds

Cognac Diamond

'Champagne' and 'cognac' refer to the colour brown. Champagne diamonds are very pale with a hint of brown or yellow, while cognac is the term given to darker shades that vary in intensity. They have all the prized qualities of diamonds – durability and brilliance – as well as individual character. They are less rare than white and coloured diamonds, so represent excellent value for money. These remarkably individual diamonds are a wonderful way to
add personality to your engagement ring.

Expand your engagement ring search beyond diamonds and you might find yourself dazzled by the choices.

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