08 April 2024

Our in-house workshop works all year round to create beautiful jewellery for our customers, from engagement rings to wedding jewellery; for birthday and anniversary gifts; beautiful items for that special someone. In this trend report our design team will share what they believe will be the top 10 trends for the upcoming seasons.

Inspiration has been drawn from antique styling, flora and fauna, and pop art influences with a focus on sustainable manufacturing.


At Fairfax & Roberts we only source metals and stones from suppliers involved in the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), and curate designs and incorporate circular practices to ensure no metal filings or offcuts are gone to waste, but instead crafted into lifetime pieces.
Highlighting our use of recycled metals, we are creating more mindful pieces to suit the new trends for 2024/2025, while also creating special pieces that celebrate love, joy and meaningful relationships.


F&R Trend Report


Antique Romance

This trend transports us back to a simpler time where fine detail and delicate rendering was upheld in reverence and awe. Picture beautiful pieces reminiscent of the Edwardian and Art Deco periods. Plaque rings, pendant earrings and delicate hinged bracelets will be under the spotlight, reminding us that what was once considered old, is now new again. Think delicate milgrain, mixing metals to accentuate gemstone colour and size, and antique finishes interpreted in contemporary designs.

F&R Trend Report

Cupids Bow & Arrow

Traditional love tokens and the hidden symbolism behind the bow and arrow speak in a love language that is powerful and resonates even in our super digital world. These symbols of Cupid represent traditional love and affection and will be brought to life in an antique style, to be worn as lapel pins, brooches and necklaces. We can expect pavé set diamonds and natural, untreated rubies, classic bows with a twist; a motif that will feature as jewellery and accessories.

F&R Trend Report

Pillow Talk

Love lives in a house built on a foundation of shared intimate moments and magnetic connections. This streamlined range focuses on a hero gemstone supported and surrounded by pavé-set smaller diamonds. Sculptural, soft pillow shapes with hidden, secret connections convey the intimacy between metals working in complete harmony in these dress rings, earrings, and pendants. The Pillow Talk collection is now available in the Fairfax & Roberts showroom.

F&R Trend Report

Bold Bombe

Outliers and rebels celebrate in strong forms and colours that challenge the status-quo. Large scale, sculptural Bombe rings lead this offering. Pavé-set with small colourful gemstones in tessellated repeat patterns bring the hero stone to life. This trend will see beautifully unique pieces that challenge what consumers have been offered before; think unique designs, colourful gemstones and an assortment of dimensions and proportions to add extra brilliance.

F&R Trend Report

Lost Species

As we grapple with the environmental legacy we have inherited, we are compelled to secure a better future for our fragile planet. Championed by activists, the mood is changing as generations draw together in the name of the extinct and the frailty of Mother Earth. Lost species are brought back to life with this trend, respectfully represented as brooches. With a focus on petite scale accessories with meaning, mixed cut coloured gemstones and designs inspired by extinct Australian animals, these pieces are set to remind us to treasure all life on earth.

F&R Trend Report

Chakra Crush

Divine pathways are found within energetic colours and minerals, connecting us to our own life journey within a greater universal meaning. Saturated in colour, large precious faceted gemstones are the foundations for these rings that are elevated with white diamonds and mixed metals. These pieces go deeper in their meaning as each gemstone is selected for the energetic qualities that are held within the mineral. Fairfax & Roberts is set to hand-select these vibrant gemstones based on their unique characteristics and rich colours.

F&R Trend Report

Rebooted Masculinity

Here changes the landscape of fine jewellery by juxtaposing masculine and feminine, mineral and organic, soft and hard. Layers of chunky raw metals are skilfully set with refined precious gemstones, traditional pearls are paired up with textural and spiky elements and diamonds sit with nontraditional materials. We can expect an influx of unisex pieces with sculptural and textured finishes, designed to be layered to create impact for every consumer.

F&R Trend Report

Floral Uprising

Flowers bloom and thrive in colours that defy nature. Combining a playful array of coloured gemstones and diamonds in mixed and unique cuts, we bring these pieces to life through the imagination of the wearer. Unearth earrings that seem to hang by a spider’s thread or bracelets that trail up the arm like a wild ivy vine. Get ready to be transported to a magical world where diamonds and coloured gemstones combine to create feminine pieces with a whimsical twist.

F&R Trend Report

Engineer My World

Structured and engineered metals deliver the focus on minimalist styling as we explore connecting elements to build the story of industrial chic. This is a mixed-metal focused series of works for the edgy consumer. Crafted from precious metals, designed to be layered; we will see a curation of bespoke engineered bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

F&R Trend Report

Jelly O Jelly

Fond childhood memories are triggered when we see beautiful desserts, like jelly, laid out in front of us. Colourful cabochon gemstones represent wobbly jelly as we explore guilt-free treats fashioned from mixed metals. Charms, bracelets, lapel pins and pendants are on the menu as these playful pieces are collected and cherished for many generations. Consider this one a modern, innovative and playful take on the classic charm bracelet. Designs will hero colourful cabochon gemstones and eccentric designs to evoke a playful energy in the wearer.

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