5 Must-Ask Questions for your Jeweller

17 November 2023

Visiting a luxury jeweller is a lovely experience - you’re surrounded by stunning gemstones used to create beautifully crafted pieces. However, before you start the process of designing and creating your dream jewellery piece, there are five questions you must ask the jeweller.

Are you able to create a piece within my budget?

We have extensive experience in creating beautifully designed pieces in a range of prices. We want you to be comfortable with the amount you’re spending and delighted with your purchase. Throughout the creation process, we work with and suggest stones, settings and designs to ensure you receive a quality piece at a price that is right for you.

5 Must - Ask questions for your Jeweller workshop

Yes, we certainly do! Having on-site artisans allows us to maintain complete control of the manufacturing process. Our highly skilled craftspeople are in close contact with the designer and our expert jewellery consultants to ensure our customers achieve their desired piece. Our artisan craftspeople are also able to work on your ring or jewellery item in the future and keep it in showroom condition with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Where do you source your diamonds?

This is an important question. We ethically source from an extensive international network of suppliers whom we’ve formed longstanding relationships with who adhere to the Kimberly Process. The Kimberly Process is an international agreement within the industry to trade clean stones.

5 Must - Ask questions for your jeweller -Diamond ring-

Will this design fit my lifestyle?

Lifestyle is an important factor to consider when starting the jewellery design process. When consulting clients, we always assess the level of physical activity required by their everyday routine as this will help determine the delicacy of the setting for your bespoke piece. A more physically intensive job and schedule will suit lower set gemstones in a sturdier setting whereas, a more delicate setting is suitable if your daily work does not require too much physical activity.
5 Must - Ask questions for your Jeweller  - Diamond in the middle -

What can I do to preserve an inherited or antique piece?

An inherited or antique piece is a treasured heirloom. Before wearing any inherited or antique piece, it should always be assessed by a jeweller to determine its wearability and lifespan. In some cases, these pieces can be restored by a skilled jeweller otherwise, they may have to be remade to ensure longevity. If the piece must be remade, the original design can be replicated with a slightly heavier setting to suit modern lifestyle. Original stones can also be used in a remade piece if they are still in good condition.