Wholesale Diamonds: What You Need to Know

29 February 2024

When sourcing diamonds, it is important to understand the key factors that contribute to their value and brilliance. To help you make an informed decision, we break down the most common questions around the concept of wholesale diamonds.

Wholesale Diamonds

What to look for when buying wholesale diamonds

1. Always be aware of the 4Cs. Mastering the fundamental 4Cs – cut, clarity, colour, and carat weight – serves as the cornerstone of an informed decision-making process. Our Diamonds 4Cs Guide provides you with detailed information about each of the physical characteristics that contribute to the diamonds quality.

2. Distinguishing between natural and lab-grown diamonds is imperative as it impacts both resale value and the initial investment.

3. Ensure you are buying from a legitimate and reputable supplier. Ensure you conduct adequate research about your supplier before buying any gemstones. If you don’t know nor trust the supplier, why would you buy from them?

4. If buying diamonds from an international supplier or website, ask for video evidence of the gemstone plus its GIA certificate. Keep in mind, small variances in dimensions, angles, fluorescence, and other factors can affect the diamond price and most people are not often aware of this when they are comparing stones. You can learn more about diamond certification by reading our Diamond Certification Guide.

Wholesale Diamond

Is it cheaper to buy a diamond wholesale

Contrary to popular belief, securing diamonds from reputable, independent establishments such as Fairfax & Roberts, doesn't compromise on price; rather, it ensures a personalised experience with professional advice to help you ensure you get the best quality diamond for your budget. While fluctuations in exchange rates and the global market present variables, the array of international options provides a great choice of stone. By purchasing a wholesale diamond through an independent retailer such as Fairfax & Roberts, we bypass intermediary costs, presenting you with a bespoke experience tailored to your preferences ensuring you receive a quality product at the best value and free of worry.

Wholesale Diamond

Is there a difference between wholesale and retail diamonds?

Although Fairfax & Roberts are not wholesale diamond sellers, we continually offer competitive diamond prices. In an industry where margins are limited, you will find that there is little distinction between wholesale and retail pricing. In addition, unlike international competitors, we prioritise transparency, authenticity and the inherent value and craftsmanship of each stone, avoiding premiums associated with branded logos.
At Fairfax & Roberts, our experienced team of professionals and gemmologists can support you on your journey when looking to purchase a diamond. If you do wish to purchase your own diamond however, we are still happy to assist you with making your choice and to make your ring for you in our workshop. Book a consultation to speak to one of our team members about purchasing the perfect diamond.