Precious Pieces Reimagined

18 May 2022

Luxury jewellery is a timeless investment in style, but sometimes a treasured piece may benefit from being reimagined and remodelled in a contemporary way. Perhaps the fitting is dated or damaged, maybe your tastes have changed or it is a much-loved heirloom that needs to be remodelled to create a custom-made piece that will bring joy to a new generation. Whatever the reason, having your jewellery redesigned and remodelled is the ideal way to give precious pieces a new life.

Precious Pieces Reimagined -  Coral Earrings -

Fairfax & Roberts’ in-house artisans are experienced in reimagining luxury jewellery items and crafting them into custom pieces - using existing stones and adding to them if necessary. Recently, a client brought in a pair of antique coral earrings that were simply set as a drop, suspended from a gold shepherd hook.

Precious Piece Reimagined - Coral / Opal Earrings Workshop -

The vivid colour of this now hard-to-find coral was reminiscent of the vibrant flashes found in some opals and our Sydney workshop team sourced stones to complement the original coral. Small diamonds were added to frame the opals and a stunning pair of bespoke earrings emerged.

Precious Pieces Reimagined - Coral / Earrings Workshop -

“They have all the drama you expect from a pair of pendant earrings,” says workshop manager Rebekah Schembri., “with one foot in the contemporary world and the other in the antique.” These custom earrings now bring together the best of both the past and the present in a piece of beautifully feminine and very wearable luxury jewellery.

Precious Pieces Reimagined - Coral Earrings done -

Our award-winning designers work closely with customers to ensure their remodelled piece honours the original piece while creating new, custom-made jewellery that fits their lifestyle. Stones can be recut, additional stones sourced and different precious metals used to create a hand-crafted piece that will bring its wearer joy for many years to come. To speak with our design team about jewellery remodelling, call us on 02 9232 8510 or book a jewellery service online here.