Jewellery Remodelling

At Fairfax & Roberts, we are experienced in redesigning and remodelling jewellery. As leaders in the industry, our expert artisans have recreated existing engagement rings, heirloom pieces, antique finds and unique gemstones into new, custom-made jewellery.

Our team meet with you to discuss your ideas and develop a bespoke design that is suited to your aesthetic. Each item is hand-crafted in our on-site atelier to create a new engagement ring or jewellery piece that will be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Reasons why you may want to remodel your jewellery

To bring new life

Remodelling gives you the opportunity to bring new life to much-treasured pieces of jewellery. Many chose to remodel their jewellery for different reasons. 

Celebrate a milestone

Redesigning your engagement ring is a great idea to celebrate a milestone in the relationship such as a 10- or 20-year anniversary, a significant birthday or a fresh start in life. 

Make it uniquely yours

You may decide to redesign a family heirloom to create a piece that is uniquely yours. Or you may have found a vintage or antique ring that could benefit from some modernisation.

Create another chapter

Whatever the reason, the idea of remodelling jewellery is to create a unique piece that not only suits you and your lifestyle but that also enables you to create another chapter in your family’s history.

Remodelling An Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a piece you will treasure forever. You may decide to redesign an existing engagement ring or family heirloom to better suit your style and personality. 

Our team works with you to brainstorm new design ideas around the original diamonds or gemstones to ensure the sentimental meaning is preserved. Remodelling an engagement ring is an opportunity to create a bespoke piece that is a unique blend of the old and new.


Jewellery Remodelling

Perhaps you have a jewellery piece you’ve inherited that doesn’t suit your style? Bring new life to precious pieces with our remodelling service. 

Our trusted and experienced jewellers can reimagine and redesign existing jewellery to create an exceptional piece that will be worn and loved. Remodelling is an opportunity to add additional gemstones, experiment with different metals and allows you to create more than one item of jewellery.

Fairfax & Roberts Jewellery Redesign

Our master jewellers have recently redesigned some engagement rings and family heirlooms into bespoke pieces that will be loved for generations to come. 


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