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Bespoke Signet Rings

Adopting a traditional approach within a modern context, the Fairfax & Roberts Signet ring imbues vitality and longevity with its softer appearance, greater movement and remarkable areas of sparkling points of light.  Its substance is felt through its craft, weight and quality.  Our in-house jewellery engraver and designers take pride in their craftsmanship using a wide variety of traditional skills.  Each piece captures their passion, love and attention to detail creating a truly amazing piece that is designed and made to endure.

What to consider when designing your custom signet ring

When placing an order for a custom Signet ring, there are innumerable combinations of shapes, sizes, materials, engraving styles and content available.  There are three key considerations when ordering a Signet ring that includes the shape of the ring, your preferred metal and the style.

Choose the Signet Ring Shape

The first step is to choose the shape of the ring. At Fairfax & Roberts, we offer four core shapes. However, if you have an alternative shape in mind, we would be more than happy to work with you

Choose Metal

After selecting the shape, the next decision to make is your choice of precious metal. We handcraft our signet rings from sterling silver, platinum, 9ct and 18ct gold in yellow, white or rose gold.

Choose Type

Once you’ve decided on the ring shape and type of metal, the next step is for you to choose the ring design or supply us with the design you would like us to engrave on your Signet ring. Our in-house designers can work with you to sketch your choice of design. You may have your own design and symbol, old drawings, photos or even wax impressions from previous engraved rings. We can work with any of these or the sketches you provide. If you have your own unique shape or style in mind, our designers would be more than happy to work with your specification to deliver a bespoke design of your choice. Here are some signet ring motif examples for inspiration: Classic undecorated, symbols, family crest, monogram, beloved animals, bespoke design, stone set, carved gemstone

Choosing Gemstone

If you would like to have your Signet ring in gemstone, we offer a range of gemstones which can be carved to create your preferred design or symbol. You can choose from our range of gemstones and if you have a special gemstone of your choice in mind to create something unique, we would be delighted to make additional suggestions.

If you are going to carve into a stone like a family crest, the traditional stones offered would be:

  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Onyx
  • Sardonyx
  • Agate

Engraving Your Signet Ring

At Fairfax & Roberts, our trained engravers age-old techniques to create your Signet rings:

The traditional deep intaglio/seal engraving is the most popular method of engraving Signet rings. We create your design by carving deeply into the metal, hand engraving the design in reverse. Once the seal engraving is completed, we use the engraved Signet ring to produce a 3D wax impression – “The Seal”. When you finally receive your Signet ring, you will also get an encapsulated impression of your design and a wax taper to make your own seals.

Surface Cut Engraving is similar to the traditional deep seal engraving but is employed for viewing the design rather than sealing. Lines of various widths are cut until the design is brought to life. This is quite a popular choice for engraving and is often used for engraving initials in wedding bands and adding a pattern to fine jewellery.


Every seal ring created by Fairfax & Roberts is delivered to you with an encapsulated wax impression of your seal engraved design. This presents a precious and memorable artwork of your seal ring that can be used by you or future generations who would like to own a Fairfax & Roberts Signet ring.


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