Colour and Light Captured in an Opal

18 January 2022


Like a rainbow captured in solid form, an opal flashes with colour, movement and life. It transforms the ephemeral into the tangible and, as the centrepiece of a pendant or necklace, makes a strikingly confident style statement. Revered for millennia, today, opals are widely considered to be Australia’s gemstone, with 95 per cent of the world’s opals originating from here. As the birthstone for October, opals have long been considered the most magical and luckiest of gems for their ability to show myriad colours and hues.

COLOUR AND LIGHT CAPTURED IN AN OPAL Opal, Diamond & Sapphire Pendant

Opal, Diamond & Sapphire Pendant


There are numerous Dreamtime legends surrounding this stone, which can range in colour from subtle pastels to vivid blues, greens and turquoise, to deep black opals with flashes of fire. One such legend from the Kamilaroi people of Yuwaalaraay country (where the opal mining town of Lightning Ridge is located) tells of the butterfly Pallah-Pallah whose multi-coloured wings were drained of colour when she fell asleep and was covered by snow. As the snow melted, her colours bled into the earth and rivers and became opals.

COLOUR AND LIGHT CAPTURED IN AN OPAL Australian Opal & Coloured Gemstone Pendant

Australian Opal & Coloured Gemstone Pendant


The unique qualities of Australian opals are enhanced by the designers and artisans of Fairfax & Roberts’ in-house workshop. Here, our experts combine opals with other precious gemstones, including diamonds and sapphires, to create luxury jewellery pieces that capture the colours and spirit of Australia. Each stone is carefully selected and a design is created to showcase its singular beauty in a stunning opal pendant or necklace. While one stone evokes sunshine on dappled waters, another conjures visions of lightning in a tropical storm and a third may capture a colourful sunset. Like the landscape itself, Australian opals are endlessly changeable, timeless and fascinating.



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