Bella Varelis: Creating my Dream Tennis Bracelet

12 March 2024

We recently partnered with style influencer, Bella Varelis, to create her dream diamond tennis bracelet. Bella shares her experience working with our in-house jewellers and team of experienced professionals.

Bella, you recently partnered with Fairfax & Roberts in selecting a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet. Can you share background on what you were looking for as part of this special piece?

It was important for me to find a piece that made me feel as special as the meaning behind it was. To me, it's not just about getting a diamond tennis bracelet, it's about the feeling you get wearing the piece and knowing how much time, love and effort went into creating it, and how well deserved it is.

Fairfax x Bella Varelis_Tennis Bracelet

Why did you partner with Fairfax & Roberts?

Fairfax & Roberts to me is the most uniquely talented Australian jewellery house. The love and care that has been put into their handmade jewellery pieces honours the memories that can be handed down within the family for years to come. It shows just how special they are - they have quality in mind, not quantity. Using some of the most incredible gems sourced from all over the world, to their talented team of craftspeople, stepping into Fairfax & Roberts is a fairytale of its own. 

Fairfax x Bella Varelis_Tennis Bracelet

Could you share more about your experience about the process of working with the Fairfax & Roberts team on this special creation? 

Working with Fairfax & Roberts didn't even feel like "work". To be surrounded by a group of people who are energetically on the same wavelength and just understood each other from the beginning was an absolute dream. The team has so much love and respect for each other. It was an absolute joy to be around, to learn and to feel like I've become a part of the family as well. I know Fairfax & Roberts will be in my life forever, and I hope I can inspire others to invest in a piece so they can feel the same too. 
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Fairfax x Bella Varelis_Tennis Bracelet

And when you received your special piece, how did it make you feel?

The little luxuries in life are all about finding sentimental value in pieces that make you feel yourself, make you feel like magic every time you look at it. Since opening my bracelet, it hasn't left my wrist, I’ve worn it every single day of the last three months and every time I look at it, I feel the same as when I first looked at it. It has an ethereal beauty about it, and it made me feel like the most special girl in the world. 

Fairfax x Bella Varelis_Tennis BraceletShop Bella’s Tennis Bracelet

And lastly, with 2024 being the year of self-love and care, what is on your 2024 wish list from Fairfax & Roberts and Fairfax & Roberts Home?

If my whole house and jewellery collection could be Fairfax & Roberts…it would be. Maybe I could move into the showroom? Hahaha. My dream piece would be a tennis necklace to match my bracelet, I can't think of anything more special than that, or an ode to my love of the ocean, maybe a pearl necklace or earrings. In terms of Fairfax & Roberts Home, this year is the big 30, and I completely and utterly fell in love with Jean Cocteau's homewares pieces and the Josef Hoffman Crystal Champagne Flutes are just divine.