Timeless Love, Contemporary Style

18 May 2022

A diamond engagement ring is an enduring symbol of love and commitment. And, while love is timeless and heirlooms are precious, there is no reason why an engagement ring shouldn’t change to suit your style.

Timeless Love, Contemporary style - diamond ring -

Perhaps a ring has been passed down through generations and the original setting has become too delicate for daily wear or maybe you are celebrating a significant anniversary and would like your engagement ring to reflect your style evolution. Whatever the reason, remodelling an engagement ring is the ideal way for your most precious piece of jewellery to keep in step with style.

Timeless Love, contemporary style - rings body diamond in the middle -

A recent piece brought to our in-house atelier was a diamond ring that had been passed down from a client’s grandmother; she and her fiancé wanted to redesign it as their own engagement ring. While the diamonds in the original ring were stunning, the setting was fragile and dated. Our clients worked with our award-winning design team to create a handmade engagement ring that honoured the history and symbolism of the original ring while giving it new life, meaning and a style that suited the client.

Timeless Love, contemporary Style - diamond ring white background -
Timeless Love, Contemporary style - Diamond ring x2 white background -

Working with the original diamonds - all the undamaged stones were used in the new ring - our artisans created a custom engagement ring made in a more modern style, with the central diamond setting elevated by a bridge. The bridge allows the clients diamond-set wedding ring to sit snugly against the engagement ring as a perfectly matched pair and stops the wedding ring from rubbing away the diamond setting. This allows light to enter the stone from multiple angles, enabling it to shine more brightly. Smaller diamonds were set into the band on either side. This remodelled engagement ring is now a stunning tribute to modern love and past generations.

Timeless Love, contemporary style - Diamond ring -

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