Designer Series: Kelly Donougher

15 February 2022

1. Tell us a little about yourself and your journey into the design space.

I was drawn to design at a young age, but my passion truly came to life whilst designing, building and styling my own home. This experience inspired me to complete a Diploma in Interior Design and begin the 13 Interiors journey.

The number 13 plays a significant role in my life with memorable events and occasions always popping up on the 13th. Whilst studying design we learnt the principles and elements of design and the key role 12 of them play in every design task. I wanted to connect my business to the number 13 (and design of course!) and one day it clicked… The 12 elements of design with YOU in mind…

And 13 Interiors was born!

Image from @13interiors

2. How would you describe your current personal style in interior design?
Timeless luxe slash effortless chic.

I’m all about practicality while also making a statement.

I aim to incorporate comfortability everywhere I can - because no one wants to live in a showhouse! I tend to focus on integrating functionally as much as possible - functionality is always one of my major objectives .

I love working with my Clients and having the opportunity to stay true to their aesthetics and vibe while also bringing in my own je ne sais quoi to their home!


3. A quantity of your aesthetic centres around concepts of dark and light. What has drawn you to these disparate concepts?

The disparity between dark and light aesthetics allows a greater variation in finishes and creates interest/intrigue in a variety of different ways.

You can truly set the tone of your home by playing with dark and light concepts throughout whilst also creating an experience… a journey, which is not only inviting and alluring but also beautiful and homely.

4. Our theme for this issue is ‘dark and moody’. Can you share any themes in your work and ‘go to’ materials/objects to feed this mood?

‘Dark and Moody’ basically encapsulates my style!

I think the sleekness and intensity of dark accessories and fixtures simply can’t be beaten - it draws the eye and adds depth and allure.

When it comes to dark decor, I often hear my Clients say they’re too afraid to take it too dark - they’re worried it will overpower the room. think it does the complete opposite! It adds such a sophisticated and sexy feel to any space and can truly accentuate a room’s features.

My go-to materials to achieve my ‘Dark and Moody’ feel are Black Woodmatt Cabinetry from Polytec, complemented with Nero Marquina accents. The bright veining of Nero Marquina against a stark background provides a sophisticated and moody monochrome contrast.

An example of this is my work at the North Coogee Residence, which utilised these materials across the office and master suite space creating that edgy, yet elegant vibe.

Image from @13interiors

5. Can you share an image of a protagonist piece in your space that captures the feel of your home.

One of my favourite pieces in my home is my large, navy blue, upholstered bedhead in my master suite. It sets the tone for the home with a luxury blue velvet finish, which connects to the colour palette in other areas around our home.

The piece makes me feel like I'm coming home to a retreat - far away from the busy day.

I will definitely have this piece forever!

Eclipse Soleil Wall Bowl

Kelly’s Top Selects

  1. Nouvel Mipreshus Collection - The Mipreshus glassware is so understated yet eye catching. The colours used throughout this collection are divine - my personal favourite has to be the blue colourway (although it’s hard to choose just one!) This collection is truly a staple for Clients looking for beautiful, yet edgy glassware.

  2. Lobmeyr Josef Hoffmann Patrician - One word… Class! Perfect for any occasion and so simple, yet super luxe.

  3. Eclipse Soleil Wall Bowl - The Soleil Wall Bowl is out of this world. I adore pieces which also double as art. You can hang this on your wall or use it as the centrepiece for any dinner party - it’s so perfect and diverse!


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