The Timeless World of Perrelet Watches

12 February 2024

Perrelet: Pioneering Legacy

For nearly 250 years, Perrelet has been revolutionising watchmaking. The brand, considered a pioneer and pillar of Haute Horlogerie, introduced the world to the automatic watch, embodying an avant-garde spirit with complete mastery of timepiece elaboration. Rooted in the legacy of founder Abraham-Louis Perrelet, the brand seamlessly blends watchmaking heritage with a passion for precision, delivering a new modernity that resonates with sportiness and excellence.

Perrelet Watches


Craftsmanship Beyond Compare

From developing and producing all movement components to a unique approach that marries industrial efficiency with artisan-style workmanship, Perrelet guarantees horological enthusiasts peerless originality and quality. The integration of expertise and manual skills under one roof, including the production of its own escapements, reflects the brand’s research, development and innovation.

Perrelet Watches


Movement Mastery in Perrelet Watches

Automatic movements lie at the core of every Perrelet timepiece, a principle upheld for over 200 years as a tribute to Abraham-Louis Perrelet and his revolutionary invention in 1777. Crafted, decorated, adjusted, and assembled in-house, the various calibers push the limits of precision and technical refinement. Whether a traditional automatic caliber, patented double rotor movement, or a mesmerising tourbillon, Perrelet offers a rich selection, captivating the discerning connoisseur's expectations.

Perrelet Watches


Perrelet’s Turbine Concept

The Turbine, a Perrelet model since 2009, redefines the "double rotor" concept with fascinating ingenuity. This collection, an ultimate embodiment of creativity, captivates fans of innovative horology. With a free-spinning propeller-type upper rotor and an under-dial as a canvas for artistic expression, Turbine timepieces offer unparalleled optical and visual effects, becoming instantly recognisable and adaptable to both masculine and feminine tastes.

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