15 April 2024


The Turbine model was launched in 2009 and since then, has always represented a kind of 'blank canvas' for Perrelet's designers. The Swiss manufactured unique dial features a see-through effect created by the rotation of the famous turbine.
Over time, the Turbine has been interpreted in many ways, with no limits to the imagination. The Turbine style has become one of the Swiss manufacturer's hallmarks.

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The Turbine is Perrelet’s interpretation of the “double rotor” concept. The collection is the ultimate embodiment of creativity and naturally appeals to fans of innovative horology. Turbine timepieces offer a range of optical and visual effects that are unique in the watchmaking world, thanks to the free-spinning propeller-type upper rotor in combination with an under-dial to which designers can give free rein to their imagination. The rotating upper rotor spins at full speed in step with wrist movements.

Perrelet Watches


The turbine is a device with patented technology. Its components took years of work by the Perrelet Research & Development department. Assembly also requires skill and knowledge, to ensure that the turbine is perfectly balanced for optimal functionality. A task masterfully performed by the Perrelet's highly skilled watchmakers.

Perrelet Watches

Thanks to the versatility of the Turbine collection, the watches in this line can constantly be reinvented and revisited. New looks and innovative materials result in dynamic and modern creations with a strong personality, features that have always set the brand apart.

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