The Legacy of Arnold & Son Watches

08 January 2024

The founder, John Arnold

In the heart of Cornwall, a prodigy emerged in the form of John Arnold, a visionary horologist who reshaped the world of watchmaking. His journey, from the cobbled streets of England to the prestigious court of King George III, laid the foundation for Arnold & Son's legacy.

Arnold & Son Watches

Innovations Beyond Measure

Arnold, revolutionised watchmaking with patents for Detent escapements, bimetallic balances, and helical balance springs. His masterpieces, including the smallest half-quarter repeater, became symbols of precision and elegance. Arnold's influence extended beyond horology, intertwining with historical events, such as the quest for maritime longitude, earning him accolades from the British Board of Longitude.

Arnold & Son Watches

Evolution into Swiss Excellence

Today, Arnold & Son watches seamlessly fuse English heritage with Swiss craftsmanship. Every movement is meticulously crafted in-house, paying homage to Arnold's legacy. The incorporation of true beat seconds and dual time zones echoes maritime history.

Arnold & Son Watches

Unique Design Identity

Arnold & Son's identity is etched in its ability to craft intricate complications. From true seconds to dual time zones reminiscent of maritime navigation, and moon-phase displays with sculpted gold moons, each design is a testament to the brand's mastery of tradition and innovation. The power reserves of up to eight days nod to the autonomy of marine chronometers.

Arnold & Son Watches

Exclusivity Redefined

Arnold & Son's collections, remarkably balanced and limited, radiate exclusivity. Distributed through select global retailers, these Swiss watches with English roots are crafted for the discerning connoisseur seeking uniqueness. Each of the Arnold & Son timepieces are a harmonious blend of bespoke design and intellectual elegance.

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