Dancing Diamonds: The Mesmerising Tale of our Pirouette Collection

22 November 2023

The Inspiration Behind Pirouette

The Pirouette Collection is a testament to the eternal dance between lovers and was conceptualised and crafted by our inhouse workshop. Each piece features an intricate design which mirrors the spinning, twisting, and endless motion that characterises the most enchanting love stories.

Pirouette Twist Diamond Necklace

The Symbolism of Twisting Diamonds

The Pirouette Collection weaves together gracious curves and delicate detailing. Precious diamonds are set within a twisting ribbon of pure white gold, telling a tale of love's intricate journey. The unique twist design travels in a forward motion capturing the essence of a dance and representing the bond shared between two souls throughout their journey of love.

Pirouette Twist Diamond Necklace

The Influence of Antique Birdcages

Completing the twist detail is a delicate cap, inspired by the antique birdcages adorning the halls of our Fairfax & Roberts showroom. This symbolic addition not only pays homage to the timeless allure of romance but also reflects the place where love and beauty combine.

Pirouette Twist Morganite Pendant Necklace

Honouring our Partnership with Sydney Dance Company

As a brand deeply committed to the arts, Fairfax & Roberts proudly celebrates a three-year partnership with the Sydney Dance Company's annual fundraising event, Dance Noir. The Pirouette Collection seamlessly merges the worlds of dance and luxury jewellery, embodying the grace and harmony found in both artistic expressions.

Pirouette Twist Ring

The Pirouette Collection highlights the artistry of our in-house workshop, our enduring partnership with Sydney Dance Company, and the timeless beauty of love. Embark on a journey where luxury meets love, and let the Pirouette Collection be the dance that accompanies you through life's most cherished moments.


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