Murano Glass by NasonMoretti

22 November 2022

Crafted with respect to the traditional Murano blown glass craftsmanship, NasonMoretti glassware has remained one of the dominant decorative elements in the most prestigious residences internationally.

The art of Murano glass is recognised throughout the world as an excellence of Italian craftsmanship, inspiring travellers, poets, and writers of every age.

A family-owned company founded in 1923, NasonMoretti has become the undisputed reference for the Venetian “Art of the Table”, pairing ancient alchemy with the millennial knowledge of Murano masters in the pursuit of refined modernity. The company pioneers the use of colour with continuous experimentation with metals, oxides, and minerals.

The basic ingredients of Murano Glass are silica, sand that becomes liquid at high temperatures and soda, which allows the material to melt at lower temperatures.

Murano glass is a recyclable material – it can be remelted and modelled infinitely without compromising its properties, making it one of the most important raw materials.

When combined with other substances, colourless glass paste can give life to countless shades and nuances.

Within the Venetian glass industry, the preparation of colours is a sacred practice: each master glassmaker jealously guards his recipe book, revealing its contents only to people he is sure he can trust.

Heir to a thousand-year tradition, NasonMoretti has led since its foundation thorough colour research for the glass made in its furnace. As a result, the team has been able to perfect the quality of glass over time and invent colour combinations that have no equal.


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