Object D'Ark

25 February 2022

Designer Kelly Donougher isn’t afraid of the dark. In fact, she thrives on the opportunities it provides her to create chic and stylish interiors that celebrate moody hues and sensual textures. “When it comes to dark decor, I often hear my clients say they’re afraid to take it too dark - they’re worried it will overpower the room. I think it does the complete opposite. It adds such a sophisticated and sexy feel to any space and can truly accentuate a room’s features.” As the director of 13 Interiors, Kelly designs spaces that enable luxury to coalesce with comfort and functionality. She uses the tension between light and dark to create interest and intrigue in a variety of different ways and take clients “on a journey, that is not only inviting and alluring but also beautiful and homely.”

If you and your clients are ready to embrace the darker side of style, we invite you to discover the Fairfax & Roberts Home pieces that celebrate moody hues.


Jean Cocteau Tableware

The Greek gods knew a thing or two about the disparity between dark and light - their myths are proof that we live in constantly varying states of shadow and sunlight. This collection by French poet, painter and film-maker Jean Cocteau captures the vitality of the gods in spare yet evocative drawings, immortalised in fine tableware by the artisans of Raynaud.

Eclipse Soleil Wall Bowl

Gaze into the dark heart of this highly reflective, bronzed titanium bowl and see moody style personified. This piece makes a stunning centrepiece on a table or wall hung as art in its own right.

Arlequin Flatware

Black and white make perfect partners in the intricately lacquered and engraved pieces of the Ercuis Arlequin cutlery collection. Stylish silverware to help indulge your appetites.

Seven Deadly Sins

Was it by chance or design that your guest received a particular sin when you poured them a drink one dark evening? Classic Adolf Loos tumblers are enhanced with illustrations by Austrian-born designer Stefan Sagmeister to create darkly humorous drinkware.

Nouvel Glassware

Give a decanter a contemporary twist with smoky glassware that combines art with utility and exudes timeless style. Each sculptural, yet functional, piece captures a moment of sophisticated style.

Eclipse Bowls

Their sweet, but ever-so-slightly sullied, candy colours belies the sophistication of these extraordinary mouth-blown bowls. The iridescent glow of their mirrored finish is the perfect foil for a dark and textured interior, waiting for a spark.

Explore your dark side with Fairfax & Roberts Home by visiting our Sydney showroom or viewing the entire collection online.


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