These earrings are a true masterpiece inspired by the lotus flower's symbolism of purity and enlightenment. With a rare Padparadscha sapphire at the heart, the gentle blend of pink, orange, and yellow sapphires mirrors the lotus' radiant bloom. The timeless diamonds glisten like morning dew, capturing the essence of rebirth and renewal. 


These earrings are inspired by the colour and beauty of the lotus flower. Representing personal growth and transformation, the lotus is a timeless emblem of beauty and grace, reflecting renewal, rebirth, and higher consciousness.

At the heart of each earring, a rare and mesmerising Padparadscha sapphire, with its delicate blend of pink and orange hues, symbolising the lotus in full bloom. Surrounding the Padparadscha sapphire is a dazzling array of pink, orange and yellow sapphires and diamonds that come together like the petals of the lotus, offering a burst of colour that captures the grace of this sacred flower. Crafted by our in-house workshop, these earrings are a timeless investment embodying purity and enlightenment.

Style NumberG4448
Gemstone1.82ct total Padparadscha sapphires
1.61ct total diamonds
1.04ct total pink sapphires
1.00ct total orange sapphires
0.40ct total yellow sapphires
Metal18ct white and rose gold 
Length30mm x 15mm
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