Glassware versus crystalware?

03 June 2024

When purchasing drinkware for their home, many people consider whether they should purchase glass or crystal.

To understand which choice best suits your needs and your lifestyle, the first thing to do is consider the differences between the two:

Glassware vs Crystalware


Glass is typically made thicker for durability and can be more affordable. The thickness of glass drinkware means the ‘clinking’ sound of two glasses together can be a dull sound. It is also not 100% transparent, giving a slightly distorted vision. The composition of glass makes it non-porous and therefore, dishwasher safe. Perfect for large scale entertaining, glass drinkware can be molded into different and beautiful shapes creating unique designs such as our NasonMoretti Murano Glassware Collection.

Glassware vs Crystalware


Crystal can be spun very thin due to the added minerals of lead and magnesium allowing it to be crafted into very elegant designs whilst still maintaining its strength and durability. The lead content in crystal tends means it is 100% transparent and clear however, makes it porous and not suitable for the dishwasher. There are some lead-free brands, such as Lobmeyr and Nouvel which are durable and can be dishwasher safe.

Glassware vs Crystalware


When making a choice, consider how you like to use your drinkware and entertain. For those who love to celebrate special occasions and enjoy setting an elegant table, crystal is the optimal choice. It is also a beautiful gifting option for those who love luxury. If you prefer to wash your drinkware with a dishwasher or are a more casual entertainer, there are some wonderful glass options.

Either way, you will enjoy consuming your wine, whiskey or champagne from any of these alternatives!

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