Redesign an Engagement Ring - Something Old, Something New

12 April 2018

Rather than purchasing an existing ring, you may decide to redesign an existing engagement ring to create a piece that is uniquely yours. Perhaps you have a family heirloom that you would like redesigned to better suit your style and personality. Or you may have found a vintage or antique ring that could benefit from some modernisation. Choosing to redesign an engagement ring will ensure you own a piece you’ll treasure forever. Selecting an engagement ring is an important decision to make once you’ve decided to pop the question (or answer it!). It is, after all, an enduring public symbol of your commitment to and love for each other.

Redesign an engagement ring – something old, something new - Engagement Ring -

Redesign to Suit Your Style

Our award-winning designer is experienced in redesigning and remodelling engagement rings. They are happy to meet with you to discuss your style and personality. Design sketches along the way will ensure that you’re completely happy with your redesigned engagement ring before it’s hand-crafted in our on-site atelier. Learn more about our bespoke jewellery design process here. Precious metals are often difficult to reuse, so we will redesign your ring using yellow gold, white gold or platinum. Depending on your redesign, we can source and purchase gems to complement an existing stone. This will enable us to create an engagement ring that is a unique blend of the old and new. Prince Harry used two diamonds from his mother’s personal collection to complement a diamond from Botswana when he had Meghan Markle’s engagement ring designed. 

Redesign an engagement ring – something old, something new - Meghan Markle's

Create an Heirloom

If your ring is a family heirloom, talk to us about our Heirloom service, that includes a bespoke, silk or leather-bound book that details your ring’s history. We include photos and your family’s story along with before and after imagery of your redesigned engagement ring. The Heirloom book is a keepsake to pass through generations.

Re-Create an existing design from photos or videos

If you are re-creating a unique design expect a higher cost. Using both hand-drawn designs and CAD design, an existing style can be re-created using photographs or videos of the original ring. When showing us photographs, ensure that images are clear with as many views as possible from different angles. The cost will be higher due to the additional design work, and bespoke build required. In most cases, a replicated style provides the opportunity to increase or decrease the original diamond or gemstones sizes. Visit our flagship Castlereagh showroom to discuss redesigning an engagement ring, the perfect way to blend a treasured past with a much-anticipated future. Browse more custom jewellery services here. 

Redesign an engagement ring – something old, something new - Engagement Ring -

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