The Lantern Necklace

01 March 2017

Everyday jewellery, intricate beauty

Fairfax & Roberts exquisite new collection, starring the Lantern necklace, brings together delicate beauty and intricate design. Designed to capture a moment and preserve a memory, months of creativity and calculation are embedded in its identity. Created as an everyday piece, the Lantern radiates beauty and exemplifies the power of fine creation. Sixteen symmetrical curves, hand carved from 18K gold, form the organic shelter for the loose gemstone. Suspended on Fairfax & Roberts’ stylish and classic Longuard chain, the pendant moves with your body and the loose gem contained within the organic form creates sound and movement, bringing the piece to life. The lantern was designed for a strong creative woman who values her independence and is known and envied for her subtle, yet sophisticated style. She’s confident with her place in the world and knows that precious memories are worth making, and keeping. Confident, independent style requires the ability to make choices and the Lantern is designed to allow every wearer to create their own truly unique piece. Every element of this stunning pendant is customisable and can be personalised to your taste and style. The lantern itself can be crafted from your choice of yellow, white, rose or black gold and the gemstone within could be a diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, pearl or a combination. Finally, make a sparkling choice with which to encrust the base and finial – diamonds, coloured diamonds, rubies, sapphires or emeralds? The choice is yours and the list is endless – limited only by your desires. A truly exceptional piece of jewellery is a rare thing.

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