Men’s Jewellery Grows

16 September 2020

There’s a newfound interest in men’s jewellery and it’s a lasting trend. As attitudes shift, men’s jewellery grows. Traditional wedding bands are becoming a thing of the past and there’s never been more choice on the market for guys. The social acceptance of men’s jewellery, the shift that we have gradually started seeing spurs from the rise of the metrosexual man. Men are spending a considerable amount of time and money on their lifestyle, specifically appearance. As well as buying more jewellery, they’re also splurging more. Men are willing to pay more for the right piece, as it becomes an extension of their lifestyle. We’re seeing more men add precious gemstones to their wedding bands but in an understated way; creating a more modern contemporary look, using emeralds and black diamonds surrounded by oxidised and brushed metals, some even opt for the full sparkle. Today, signet rings are also a very popular choice for men - they’re no longer needed as a means of identification, but instead are a mark of individuality and a seal for the most personal of ties; an alternative choice for wedding ring. So the attitudes towards men’s jewellery have definitely changed and for the good, but although this market grows we don’t believe it will ever equate to the market for women – As they say ‘diamonds are a girls best friend’.


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