July's Birthstone the Ruby

01 March 2017

With their rich red colouring and a natural hardness that is second only to diamonds, rubies are a birthstone to be coveted. They are said to guarantee health, wisdom, wealth and luck in love and their natural durability makes them perfect for everyday wear. Thailand and Myanmar are the source of many of the world’s rubies and both countries regard it as their national stone. Much legend surrounds these glowing gems, with ancients believing that it was literally a drop of Mother Earth’s blood and in addition, was self-luminous. In the Middle Ages they were prized for their properties of good health as well as being a silent guard against untoward thoughts and disputes. Henry VIII’s first wife, Catherine of Aragorn is said to have foreseen her downfall by the darkening of her ruby. Wallis Simpson’s love of rubies was well known and her collection included a Cartier ruby necklace, pendant and brooch. Their durability, colour and sparkle have long made rubies a popular feature in royal jewellery collections with HRH Princess Mary of Denmark, Queen Amelie of Portugal and Queen Elizabeth II all the fortunate owners of impressive ruby encrusted pieces. Your July-born love may not be royal, but that shouldn’t stop them from the joy of wearing rubies every day. Customise your Lantern Necklace with Rubies if you are born in July. #TheLanternFR

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