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21 March 2018

It was the 1920s - the Great War was over, society was evolving and the winds of change were blowing through the homes, salons and design studios of Australia. Life was all about “...being hustled by a modern crowd into the modern city streets, where electric trams, motor cars, concrete and steel, colour and human beings seem all messed up and doing jazz,” wrote art critic Jean Curlewis in 1928, when Art Deco and all it entailed was just starting to stretch its newly awakened limbs. “The jazz of moving shapes makes patterns in the streets whilst up above against the sunset sky is the jazz-like serrated edge of the up and down masses of concrete and steel. What we cannot get in romantic, old-world subjects in the modern youthful city...must be turned to account in exploiting its modern possibilities.” Art Deco style was fresh then and now, almost a century later, its design lines and aesthetic are just as relevant - and desirable. Luxury jeweller Fairfax & Roberts was at the epicentre of Art Deco jewellery design and society, creating bespoke pieces for some of Australia’s finest, and most private, families as well as visiting luminaries like the Prince of Wales, who later become known as an avid jewellery collector for his wife, Wallis Simpson. Today. Fairfax & Roberts are inspired by the classic elements of Art Deco design and skilfully reinterprets them to suit contemporary style and taste. Each bespoke piece is individually designed and crafted in the in-house workshop before being presented to owners who appreciate the bold use of colour, line, precious gems and metals, and workmanship. As an organisation that literally has Art Deco in its DNA, Fairfax & Roberts is proud to be associated with ADMSA, with whom they share an appreciation for all things Art Deco. To launch this new partnership - along with their latest collection of stunning, Art Deco-inspired jewellery - Fairfax & Roberts is hosting an event on 7 December, 2017 at 6pm that will showcase not only Art Deco jewellery but also exquisite Jazz Age clothing from and a selection of incredible Art Deco-era radios from a collection currently on show at the National Gallery of Victoria. A percentage of sales of Fairfax & Roberts jewellery sold on the night will be donated to ADMSA to further their commitment to preserving and celebrating the timeless style and elegance that is Art Deco.

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