10 Inspirational Art Deco Books

24 October 2018

We have collected the 10 most inspirational Art Deco books, the predominately European and American decorative style of art of the 1920's and 1930's. Each book has their unique qualities that opens up the possibility to explore the world of Art Deco - geometric shapes, intense, vibrant colours and drawings that rely on bold designs, clean lines and patterns. Art Deco was the art style of the 1920's and 1930's and got its name from the "Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs et Industriels Modernes" (International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts) that was held in Paris 1925. 


- 10 inspirational art deco books - Art deco sculpture -

Art Deco Sculpture By Alastair Duncan

This book showcases and puts into historical context a host of sculpted works created in the 1920s and 1930s in the decorative vernacular defined loosely today as Art Deco. The works shown demonstrate a broad range of styles and influences: from the chevrons, sunbursts, maidens, fountains, floral abstractions, and ubiquitous biche (doe) of the Parisian geometric style to the crisp, angular patterns of the zig-zag, jazz-age, streamlined aesthetic to which architects were drawn towards 1930. The author organizes his subject into three main categories: the first features work by avant-garde sculptors (Csaky, Janniot, Pompon, and others); the second shows commercial sculpture, comprising mainly large-edition statuary, commissioned by éditeurs d’art and foundries from sculptors as decorative works for the burgeoning 1920s domestic market; while a final, third category covers architectural and monumental sculpture from around the world. With artists’ biographies, details of manufacturers, a full glossary, and a thematic index, this volume is the essential and authoritative guide for all those interested in the Art Deco style. Buy this book

- 10 inspirational art deco books - Jazz age -

Miller’s Art Deco By Judith Miller

With its streamlined shapes and forward-looking approach, the Art Deco style still looks modern today. In the 1920s and 1930s, designers and artisans made innovative use of both natural and man-made materials to produce elegant pieces that broke with tradition and celebrated the future. In this beautifully illustrated guide, antique expert Judith Miller explores the key makers and pieces of the movement, explaining what to look for as a collector.

The book explores all the key collecting areas, with chapters on furniture, glass, ceramics, sculpture, metalwork, silver and jewellery, prints and posters, rugs and textiles. With clear price codes and biographies of key makers and designers, the book also contains "A Closer Look" and "Good, Better, Best, Masterpiece" features comparing ranges of items from makers and factories. Buy this book 
- 10 inspirational art deco books - Norbert Wolf -

Art Deco By Wolf Norbert

The Art Deco style is so recognisable and widespread that its primary influence on the culture in which it emerged has been all but lost in the clutter of imitation. This book draws our attention back to the birth of Art Deco—a period between two devastating world wars when industrialisation was flourishing, interest in archaeology was peaking, and movements such as Cubism, Constructivism, Futurism, and Modernism were turning the art world on its head. 

Brilliantly designed to reflect the style it celebrates, Art Deco is filled with hundreds of examples of painting, architecture, interiors, jewellery, crafts, furniture, and fashion. Author Norbert Wolf traces the chronology of the Art Deco style by looking at the politics and culture of Europe in the 1920s and early 1930s, and the artistic movements that paralleled its popularity. He follows Art Deco's influence in Europe and its immigration to the Americas and Asia. 

Most importantly, this wide-ranging volume looks beyond the era of Art Deco's origination to the present day. Pointing to the numerous revivals and contemporary echoes in painting and even literature, this beautiful volume demonstrates that Art Deco is alive and well today—often in forms where we least expect it. Buy this book 

- 10 inspirational art deco books - Gordon Kerr -

Art Deco Fashion Masterpieces of Art By Gordon Kerr

The book features all the best-known Art Deco fashion masterpieces, including works by renowned artists such as Georges Barbier, Paul Iribe and Erte. It's a fresh and thoughtful introduction to the Art Deco movements and its influence upon fashion. Masterpieces of Art highlights artworks from fashion illustrators of the era that was characterised by the allure of modernity, progression, women's liberation, and luxury - leading to the short hemlines and androgyny of the Flapper, the outdoorsy Sporty girl and Silver Screen goddesses. Buy this book 

- 10 inspirational art deco books - Graphic art -

Erte Art Deco Master of Graphic Art & Illustration By Rosalind Ormiston & Ray Perman

Russian-born French artist and designer, Erte is probably the most Art Deco associated artist. Although his talent spanned many creative fields, Erte is perhaps best-known for his theatre and fashion designs, which were often translated into beautiful silkscreen prints.Few can fail to be charmed by "Symphony in Black", one of his most famous compositions depicting a slender figure walking her dog. Erte designed over 200 covers for Harper's Bazaar throughout his lifetime, and his works have been reproduced and copied countless times since. Erte's style oozes a timeless air of class and sophistication. Combining fresh and thoughtful text and beautiful illustrations, including jewellery and sculpture inspired by his two-dimensional designs, this coffee-table book is the definitive Erte companion. Buy this book 

- 10 inspirational art deco books - Art Deco Complete -

Art Deco Complete by Alastair Duncan

Art Deco Complete is the last word in Art Deco, the most glamorous decorative arts style, and the one that shaped popular ideas of modern luxury. It covers furniture and interior decoration, sculpture, paintings, graphics, posters and bookbinding, glass, ceramics, lighting, textiles, metalwork, and jewellery. It includes the work of all of the talented Art Deco designers, from high-style French furniture makers to the creators of the famous “Streamline Moderne” style. It is truly in the spirit of Art Deco, a lavish and attractive book, as well as being authoritative and thorough. This 544-page volume includes more than 1,000 colour images of classic Art Deco objects and spaces. 
Its author is the colourful and experienced Alastair Duncan, who was for many years the expert who ran the twentieth-century decorative arts department at Christie’s in New York. Duncan is the author of many well-known books on Art Deco and Art Nouveau. This book will stand as his monument to Art Deco. Buy this book

- 10 inspirational art deco books - Art Therapy -

Art Deco By Elena Lopez

Discover two of the biggest artistic movements from the beginning of the 20th century Art Nouveau and Art Deco colouring in 100 expertly drawn motifs and illustrations. Dating from the turn of the century, Art Nouveau is a celebration of the beauty and variety of nature and the feminine form. In contrast, Art Deco, born in the Roaring Twenties, glorifies geometry as a tribute to the innovations of industry. Barcelona and Gaudi versus New York and the Chrysler building, Mucha versus Lempicka, sensuality and poetry versus sophistication and modernity. This stunning collection unites both movements across areas that they have influenced. From architecture, interior design, jewellery, to fashion, typography and art. Discover the different shapes and structures that have affected and marked each era. Experiment with soft and pastel tones of grey, pink, purple and blue and play with the brash and primary hues of red, orange, copper and green. Let your creativity draw you forth on a pathway of relaxation. Buy this book 

- 10 inspirational art deco books - Art deco airports -

Art Deco Airports By Terry Moyle & Rosie Louise

Art Deco Airports looks at the first airports of the world, specifically Airports of the 1920’s and early 1930’s. The book is illustrated in full colour, with line drawings and photographs. With the 100 years of Commercial aviation occurring in 2019, Art Deco Airports marks that important anniversary.

 Focusing on airports in Great Britain, Europe, and the United States, all of which were heavily influenced by the Art Deco architecture of the era. These airport buildings were subject to enormous change as air transport became more popular and as aircraft technology meant entirely upgraded facilities. Many of these buildings were only in existence for sometimes 12 months before being either demolished or refurbished. Some of these fascinating buildings are also still in existence, albeit in a dilapidated state. The combination of these exotic and iconic buildings, fashion and associated aircrafts has never been captured in art before and will present an exciting and appealing aesthetic reminiscent of the Art Deco posters of that era. It is truly a lost world.
A great gift for travel lovers and history buffs. Buy this book 
- 10 inspirational art deco books - Art Deco collectibles -

Art Deco Collectibles By Rodney Capstick-Dale

In the 1920's and 1930's Art Deco style influenced everything from art and architecture, interiors and furnishings, automobiles and boats to the small, personal objects that were part of everyday life: cigarette cases and lighters; powder compacts, minaudières, and cosmetic accessories; watches and jewellery; and even cameras. Featuring high-quality photography and carefully sourced period illustrations and ephemera, Art Deco Collectibles brings these objects to life in all their exquisite detail. The objects in this thematically structured book encompass Deco style at its most alluring, as well as the modernity, excitement, and social revolution of the Jazz Age. These items were the height of fashion then and are highly prized collectables today. They remind us of an era of closer cooperation between designers and manufacturers, who aimed to produce goods that were not only useful but also beautiful and well made. This showcase of portable Art Deco classics from Britain, Europe (mainly France), and the United States will appeal not just to collectors but anyone with interest in Deco style and the history of fashion, design, and small, beautiful things. Buy this book 

- 10 inspirational art deco books - Tim Benton -

Modern Taste By Tim Benton

Modern Taste: Art Deco in Paris, 1910-1935 offers readers an opportunity to appreciate, examine, assess and enjoy an artistic movement that defies easy definition but which has been described as "the last of the total styles": Art Deco. An elegant large-format hardcover with hundreds of museum-quality colour reproductions featuring exquisite examples of Art Deco jewellery, ceramics, lacquer, fashion, textiles, graphic design and artwork. Comprehensive and beautifully designed, Modern Taste includes nearly 400 works in a wide array of media: painting, sculpture, furniture, fashion design, jewellery, film, architecture, glassware and ceramics are all represented, alongside the photography, drawings and advertisements that helped create "the modern taste. What we know as Art Deco was an alternative style to the avant-garde. It stood for a modernity that was pragmatic and ornamental rather than utopian and functional, and it became the great shaper of modern desire and taste, leaving its characteristic stamp on Western society in the early decades of the 20th century. An elegant and stylish addition to any design library. Buy this book

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