In-house Workshop Ensures Quality and Exclusivity

03 August 2021

Experienced Artisans

With close to 100 years of luxury jewellery experience between them, the artisans working in the Fairfax & Roberts in-house studio are no strangers to creating, repairing and remodelling stunning pieces of bespoke jewellery. Each piece that comes out of the workshop - whether it’s an engagement ring, wedding band or a remodelled heirloom is “as close to 100% perfect as we can get,” says Head of Production Rebekah Schembri.

In-house workshop ensures quality and exclusivity - Workshop ring -

In-House Experts

“Being in-house means that we can meet with customers face to face for discussions about finer details and also that we can be agile and troubleshoot on the spot.” Rebekah and her team of jewellers, and a specialised diamond setter, not only bring to life the unique, often Art Deco-inspired engagement rings, pendants and earrings conceived by the Fairfax & Roberts designers, they also work to maintain and repair existing pieces. “We work on restorations and hand engraving as well as repolishing and resetting of stones,” she explains. “People are blown away by how expert jewellery maintenance can bring a piece back to life.”

In-house workshop ensures quality and exclusivity - Workshop Irene Ring -

Preserving Traditions

Many of the hand tools used by jewellers have not changed in thousands of years and the workshop is an Aladdin’s cave of dapping blocks (for creating perfect domes), rolling mills and mandrels (for forming rings and bangles). Crafting luxury jewellery in-house also means that Fairfax & Roberts jewellers are in complete control of the process, with no lag on shipping time or lack of control over couriers. And, while most bespoke pieces take four to five weeks to manufacture, being on-site enables Rebekah’s team to attend to urgent jobs when necessary. “No two customers want the same thing and the advantage of bespoke jewellers - and our in-house workshop - is the unique luxury jewellery we can create.”

In-house workshop ensures quality and exclusivity - Workshop -