04 September 2017

Freya, the goddess of love, sensuality and war, was admired, feared and loved by all who encountered her. Her passions were abundant, vigorous and unrestrained and, as a member of the Valkyries, she literally lit up the sky when the armour of those warrior women created the eerily flickering lights that are known as the Aurora Borealis. While Freya’s beauty alone was enough to draw men to her, she also possessed a magical necklace that made her completely irresistible to all who encountered her. This goddess may well be the stuff of myth, but her powerful spirit has been reborn in a stunning new collection of necklaces by Fairfax & Roberts. It is no coincidence that this collection - designed to bring luxurious elegance to your everyday look - is named in honour of a woman who represents the perfection of the female form and was known for her power and feistiness as well as vulnerability.

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 The Freya collection is based around Fairfax & Roberts’ trademark lanyard-length necklace, punctuated with gemstones of your choice. The stunning pendant culminates in a jewelled tassel made up of graduated pearls or gems and topped with a decorative headpiece. Freya is a stylish statement of power, confidence and elegance, that pairs perfectly with both your evening look as well as more casual outfits. You’re used to commanding attention - with either power or subtlety - and the Freya is a beautifully crafted manifestation of both that charisma and vulnerability. Freya is a piece that speaks volumes about its wearer, and the fact that there are only eight individual necklaces in the collection - with white or yellow gold and rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and pearls - means that it is unique as you are. Perhaps you want to make a bold statement of beauty and power, or maybe you’d prefer a more restrained palette that speaks of peace and destiny. Whatever your message - for those around you or for yourself - Freya is the perfect way to communicate female potential, grace and refinement to the world. Visit our flagship showroom at 19 Castlereagh St to discover Freya for yourself and discuss further with our knowledgeable staff.

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