Shamballa Equality Bracelet

16 September 2020

Shamballa Jewels and Fairfax & Roberts creates the Shamballa Equality Bracelet to promote equality. Shamballa Jewels and Fairfax & Roberts have joined forces to launch the Equality Bracelet for the 2016 Sydney Mardi Gras. Created by Shamballa Jewels in Copenhagen, the Equality Bracelet is designed to share a message of equality, love and compassion. Fairfax & Roberts is the exclusive retailer for Shamballa Jewels in Australia and has collaborated in engaging influencers and gathering individual voices into a powerful collective force to promote equality.

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A unisex 18K gold and grey sapphire bracelet feature a stunning Star of Shamballa bead at the centre. The specially designed Star of Shamballa bead features a rainbow circle studded with rubies, tsavorites, yellow sapphires and white diamonds in Shamballa Jewels’ signature pavé setting. The design will inspire conversation and enable its wearer to spread the message of love and equality.
 Shamballa Jewels has been at the forefront of creating fine jewellery with a message since the launch of the iconic Shamballa Bracelet, inspired by prayer beads, in 2001. Today, Shamballa Jewels continues to create symbolic jewellery inspired by spiritual icons and symbols that promote universal human values of compassion and wisdom. Supporting equality, a basic human value, is a natural progression for Shamballa Jewels. Shamballa Jewels luxurious fine jewellery is loved by global style leaders including Karl Lagerfeld, Jay Z and HRH Princess Mary of Denmark.

“Jewellery can have a purpose which elevates it from being just a form of adornment. Equality is a basic human value which should be a part of the world’s status quo, but unfortunately is not. Today, thanks to social media, individual voices can be gathered into a collective force to impact global conversation. We hope with the Equality Bracelet initiative, we can contribute to keeping the conversation alive,” Mads and Mikkel Kornerup, Founders, Shamballa Jewels. 

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“We are so excited to be launching this initiative and we have appointed 5 ambassadors who are active within the GLBTQI community to wear the bracelets during Mardi Gras,” said Fairfax & Roberts CEO Georgina Brujic. “Our hope is that as they celebrate Mardi Gras they will share the bracelet’s message of equality with their friends and social networks.”


The Equality Bracelet and the family of rainbow-hued ambassador bracelets will be showcased by our ambassadors during Mardi Gras as they share the love and colour their world both in person and across their social networks. Ambassadors will be using the hashtags #equalityrocks to spread the word. In addition to the Equality Bracelet, there is a family of unisex rainbow bracelets.
Our Equality Ambassadors: Ian Thorpe Steven Khalil 
Joshua Heath Oliver Patrick Barry Ryan Channing Christopher Haggarty “We know that the Sydney GLBTQI community is loud and proud and we wanted to create a piece that not only supported that but also gave them another reason to make some noise about equality and compassion,” said Brujic.

- Shamballa Equality bracelet - equality same sex marriage bracelet -

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