Designer Series: Marco Meneguzzi

26 July 2021

1. How do you describe your design aesthetic?

Classic, simple, timeless and comfortable. I don’t like things you want to change in a year. I like my work to stand the test of time. A lot of aspects of modern design date quickly.

I like objects of comfort - comfortable furniture you enjoy sitting ‘in’ and not sitting ‘on’. I like the space to invite and comfort and not to intimidate action or inaction. The space needs to be organised, while ultimately livable. For example, being able to control light and shade encourages the space to move in different directions.

I always like calm, muted colours and block colour segments. With a calmer palette you maximise freedom to add artwork and details that are more changeable.


2. When did you realise design was your calling?

I knew this from about 7-8 years old. As a young boy I would rearrange my parents’ house while they were out at dinner. I was curious to see how I could improve the space. The minute they would go out I would pull the dining room out into the sitting room and change it over. I could sometimes talk the baby sitter into helping me. Then I put it all back before they returned home.

There were a couple Murano vases I broke in the process. I didn’t like them very much, so I’m not sure if that was an accident or not.

I’m always rearranging a space – I can’t turn it off. 


3. Elaborate on which of your projects most fills you with pride.


While all projects are fun, I find those projects where clients wholeheartedly give me 100% free reign most enjoyable. As part of my process I invite new clients to visit previous projects - this often ends with receiving a ‘carte blanche’. Client reactions when they see the finished project fill me with pride.



4. What are your major sources of inspiration?

Travel is my major source of inspiration. Going into private homes all over the world and seeing how people live is also a true source of inspiration. How others place the sitting room, dress the tables and arrange outdoor spaces.


Social media helps immensely during these COVID times of limited travel - particularly for trends. I follow other designers' projects via Instagram, which leads to a Pandora’s Box of related content.


5. What is the next ‘big thing’?

Home entertainment and indulging in the comfort of private spaces will continue to grow out of these COVID times. As a result we are taking more pride on what is on the table – the quality of food and wine, the crystalware, cutlery and dinnerware adorning our table spaces. We are wanting to curate memorable experiences with our loved ones, families and friends.
People want to feel more relaxed now going out is more complicated than ever before.

Marco Meneguzzi’s Top Selects

  • Ercuis Cutlery - "I’ll be buying this range for myself - the weight and ribbing detail works for a casual lunch as well as a formal dinner" | @marcomeneguzzidesign


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