Design-Led Luxury Barware

16 August 2021

Great Whisky deserves great barware.

Fairfax & Roberts Home introduces exquisite, design-led luxury barware.

Elevate your space by bringing a stylish touch to your home bar. Decorative glassware in unique designs have been expertly crafted to luxurious pieces that are an entertainer’s delight.

Nouvel Mipreshus Crystal Decanter and Glasses

Designed by Orfeo Quagliata

Mexico City is a place full of treasures, where movement and activity are permanent and continue to grow like never before. In its history it has been possible to find an important emergence of creatives who reside under its shelter.

Orfeo Quagliata is one of the jewels that reside in the metropolis, spectacularly reinventing works of art and design in glass, taking this material to a dimension in which the form, contemporary accents and colour reveal art and freshness from beginning to end.

Orfeo is an industrial designer who owes his sensitivity with glass art to his inspiration in the inherent sublime dynamism of this whimsical material and its ability to capture, bend and project light.

In a significant way, Orfeo has impacted through his products the sensory world of the user and he has managed to emphasize a sense of exploration endowed with audacity that reinforces the meaning of visual communication.

Decanter Available in Clear
Glasses Available in Clear & Amber

Lobmyer Diamond Cut Barware

Designed By Adolf Loos

The fascination for crystal has been the driving force behind Austrian brand Lobmeyr for almost 200 years. Through six generations the properties of crystal have been tested and researched resulting in the beauty of this omnipresent material, bringing elegance and refinement back to everyday life.

Designed by Austrian architect Adolf Loos in 1931, the Diamond Cut set of barware is the only daily use item designed by Loos. His design of tumblers paved the way for modern glass design.

The stemless set has a hand-engraved diamond pattern on the exterior of its heavy base and is timelessly elegant and contemporary despite being conceived almost a century ago.

Each piece in the collection is made from lead-free Crystal, meticulously cut by hand and matt-polished.

Decanter & Barware Available in Clear

Lalique 100 POINTS

Designed in collaboration with wine critic James Suckling

“Beautiful yet functional” is how internationally acclaimed wine critic James Suckling describes the 100 POINTS collection.

100 POINTS is a hand-made collection that embraces a modern design and precise utility while exemplifying the established style of Lalique: crystal fashioned by the best glass-masters, “U” shaped bowl and distinctive frosted rib finish to obtain the characteristic contrast of clear and satin-finish.

Lalique, which was established by René Lalique over 100 years ago, has a long tradition for making glasses beginning with ranges such as Barsac and Beaune, which were both popular in the 1930s and 1940s.

100 POINTS is a revolutionary crystal barware collection that enhances the complexity, richness, and subtlety of any apéritif. These uniquely-designed glasses and decanters are aimed at enhancing the drinking experience for every palate.

Lalique 100 POINTS Available in Clear


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