David Yurman Arrives in Australia

17 February 2019


Laid-back is the new luxury – perfectly epitomised by the casual, yet striking elegance of David Yurman jewellery, now available exclusively in Australia at Fairfax & Roberts. Precious metals and colourful gemstones combine with art-inspired design and consummate craftsmanship to become pieces that encapsulate a joyful attitude to life. David Yurman’s artistic signature is Cable, a design he developed in the early 80s based on motifs found in the jewellery, art and architecture of the Ancient Greeks, Scythians, Celts and Renaissance Italians. Still highly sought-after today, Cable is interpreted in rings, bracelets and cuffs featuring mixed metals and precious gemstones. The New York Times recently described it as a motif that is “at once precious and casual, confident but not showy and appealing to a wide demographic.” Virginia Smith, the fashion market and accessories director at US Vogue, said, “the Cable bracelet didn’t really look like anything else. It was very unique, and that has been one of the reasons they’ve been successful for so long — this unwavering point of view. To have that sort of clarity is very powerful.”

David Yurman arrives in Australia - David Yurman Available -

This clarity of vision and commitment to design and quality is what has made David Yurman one of the world’s most-coveted designer jewellery brands. Trained as a sculptor, David met his wife Sybil, a painter, while they were both working for a sculptor in New York. They quickly became both life partners and creative collaborators with a goal of creating art that people could wear. One of David’s early pieces was a necklace he made as a gift for Sybil. She wore it to an art gallery, where the owner asked if they could buy it. David said “no,” at the same that Sybil said “yes,” and by the end of the afternoon, four of the gallery’s customers had ordered the necklace. The company, still family owned and operated, has come far since those early days but has always stayed true to David and Sybil’s artistic roots. David Yurman frequently collaborates with other artists such as renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh, who captured their latest campaign. Shot in the Caribbean and featuring top models Amber Valletta, Joan Smalls, Ashley Graham, Florence Clapcott, Meghan Roche and Cobi, the dreamy campaign video perfectly captures the essence of the brand and shows how designer jewellery doesn’t need to wait for a special occasion. It creates the occasion.



the david yurman pavé pinky ring

Much of David Yurman’s jewellery nods to historical references, marrying that with a contemporary sensibility that makes it a fashion-forward must-have. A perfect example of this is the pavé Pinky Ring. Based on the signet ring much favoured by generations of English gentlemen with its engraved monogram or crest, David Yurman’s version is sheer exuberance – a Pinky Ring completely encrusted in colourful gemstones that puts a witty and feminine spin on this once most-masculine of pieces.

David Yurman arrives in Australia - Pinky Green Ring -

 As Australia’s oldest established jeweller, Fairfax & Roberts is known for its bespoke luxury jewellery as well as its commitment to quality and service. They also have a reputation for their ability to spot trends in the luxury jewellery category and create partnerships with designers and jewellers whose sensibility and ethos matches their own. “While our house style is based on the classic elegance of Art Deco, we believe in pairing timeless jewellery with contemporary companions created by jewellery artisans,” says Fairfax & Roberts CEO Georgina Brujic, “We love nothing more than a tennis bracelet stacked with a Cable bracelet or worn with a pavé Pinky Ring. Our customers are confident in their style and we know they will love adding David Yurman pieces to their collections.” 

David Yurman arrives in Australia - Novella Collection -

 Novella Collection - by David Yurman

 “David Yurman jewellery is about a lifestyle, ease and beauty,” says Sybil Yurman – an ethos that melds brilliantly with the Australian attitude to life. The coloured gemstones used across the collections are perfect for Australia’s bright light and the natural colours of our ocean, sand, earth and sky. Each of these designer jewellery pieces fits seamlessly into a casual yet luxe sense of style, whether they’re worn for relaxed office chic, midweek errands or off-duty weekends. To experience the David Yurman collections exclusively in Australia, visit the Fairfax & Roberts flagship store in Sydney today.

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As of February 2024, David Yurman product will not longer be available to purchase in the Fairfax & Roberts showroom or online at fairfaxandroberts.com.au.