Where businesswomen shine, plus 5 must-know networking tips

09 September 2019

Fairfax & Roberts Brilliance Sessions

Successful Sydney businesswomen know there’s more to networking than a business card and a handshake. The best networking is all about creating meaningful relationships - sharing stories and strategies, successes as well as challenges.

In 2018 Fairfax & Roberts started hosting The Brilliance Session. A women-only event designed to bring businesswomen together to be inspired and motivated by world-class speakers. In addition to keynotes by presenters including corporate development coach Karrane Bale, fitness expert Libby Babet and author Tami Roos these business networking for women sessions include the opportunity to talk with like-minded people while enjoying a glass of Champagne and browsing Australia’s finest bespoke jewellery.

“We created these women-only events because we wanted to bring successful women together in a non-traditional business environment,” explains Fairfax & Roberts CEO Georgina Brujic. “We love having the opportunity to hear from women who really excel in their field, and if we can that do that with a glass of Champagne, even better.”

To get the most out of a networking opportunity, consider these five tips

  • Give a little. Before asking for a favour from a new contact, give them something useful - a relevant article, a worthwhile introduction. It doesn’t need to be big, but it should be meaningful.


  • Don’t be a card counter. Instead of collecting as many business cards as you can, focus on building deep, personal connections. These are ultimately far more valuable than a phone full of “contacts”.


  • Don’t forget to follow up. If you meet someone you want to cultivate a relationship with, make sure you touch base shortly after your first meeting with a friendly note and perhaps some useful information for them. Maintain the connection by reaching out on a regular basis to help a connection build over time.


  • Broaden your outlook. It’s easy to keep spending time with people who are familiar to us. Spread your networking wings by looking for opportunities to connect with people who aren’t just like you - you might be surprised by what they have to offer.


  • Seek common ground. Find something in common with whoever you meet - maybe it’s a shared interest in skydiving, or holidaying in Fiji. This shared interest can create a connection that then moves into a professional territory, even if it may not have appeared so at first.


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Fairfax & Roberts Brilliance Sessions is an invitation-only event for female business owners, entrepreneurs and senior leaders. If you'd like to join us for future events, please request your invitation below and we'll be in touch.

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