Brand Exclusive: Eclipse Bowls

26 July 2021

Elevate an everyday moment to an extraordinary experience with our exclusive range of Eclipse Bowls. Named for their iridescent and enlightened form, this is a rare collection of innovative and functional tableware. State-of-the-art methods are used to create ethereal glass bowls of unsurpassed quality.

Designed by Artis Nimanis

Creative director and glass artist Artis Nimanis uses a combination of skill and new technology to break the mould for glass craftmanship. His state-of-the-art design methods combine metal and glass to create quality, unique pieces curated for a timeless, sophisticated living space.


True craftsmanship takes years to perfect. Eclipse Bowls are mouth-blown by European artisans utilising a traditional technique. The technique involves delicately fusing many layers of glass into one, which spreads light evenly across the glass, creating a distinct brilliance and style for every piece in the Eclipse collection.

Distinctive & Unique

The technology behind the development of the Eclipse range is based on treatment of the material. The materials are immersed in a high vacuum environment where metal transforms into a fog, which gently falls and coats the glass surface which is then burned and set by plasma rays. This method provides a consistent, ultra-thin, high quality stainless steel or titanium coating. Pieces with these metal finishings are ideal to use as dinnerware and also for home dècor as Stainless Steel and Titanium are food-friendly and do not oxidise.

Innovative & Utilitarian Design

The Eclipse collection is designed to showcase the best glass has to offer while maintaining its beauty and delicate nature. A true design enthusiast appreciates these artisanal, handcrafted pieces. The Eclipse collection includes objects of elegant sophistication that range from luxurious home dècor to purely simple dinnerware and serveware.




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