What's Involved In the Bespoke Engagement Ring Process?

11 December 2020

Are you wondering about having a bespoke engagement ring made but aren't sure of what's involved? And with so many design options out there how could you possibly choose the right one? We sat down with a beautiful Fairfax & Roberts couple - Aurore & Ante, and asked them to share their journey and why they decided to go down this very path.

Why Did You Choose to Go With A Bespoke Engagement Ring?

Aurore - I always loved beautiful rings and could not wait to have an engagement ring of my own that would symbolize our union. We straight away felt like a unique creation with a bespoke ring would suit us the best.

Getting married is so special Ante wanted an exceptional ring. I never had a specific idea of what I wanted, but I knew I wanted a ring that would be timeless and the total opposite of a contemporary ring – something classic and vintage looking.

I love royal jewellery and tiaras, how they always have very colourful stones mixed with diamonds. We also loved the idea of working with a jewellery designer that would guide us into the best design possible.

How did you choose the right stone for your engagement ring?

Aurore - I always knew I would not have a white engagement ring. Coloured gemstones have attracted me since a young age as they speak louder and are more of a statement.

My two final choices were a yellow gemstone or a dark blue one. I only wear yellow gold jewellery, so I thought a yellow gem would be a better match with yellow gold, it wasn't until I saw the final oval yellow sapphire that became the centre of my ring that my decision was final: it was the perfect colour of yellow, not too light and not too saturated, it was simply beautiful. Ante thought the same when he saw the stone, from that moment we knew and went ahead designing the ring around that gorgeous stone.

How did you come up with your design?

Aurore - We loved a similar version in a round style that we spotted on the Fairfax & Roberts website before we decided to make an appointment with the designer, it was the one ring I screenshot and showed. It immediately caught my attention and even though we selected a few other designs in other colours, I always came back to that round yellow diamond ring we had initially liked. To me, it looked solar, warm and had the perfect balance between white and coloured stones. When I tried it, having tiny hands, the round shape didn't suit me. It confirmed what I liked and didn't like.

The designer then went ahead and sourced some gemstone options once we found it, the entire design revolved around it, we adapted the design and changed a few elements. Ante loved that idea too and thought it was a ring that would suit me.

The incredible part of the design – and our favourite – is the petals adorned with yellow diamonds on top of the basket of the ring, which is inspired by a rose, a symbolic flower for us both.

How did you choose a bespoke jeweller?

Aurore - We love Fairfax & Roberts because they have timeless, creative and unique pieces, just like the one we were looking to create. We also loved how diverse the Fairfax &Roberts range is and their large selection of jewellery with coloured gemstones. We also wanted an Australian jeweller.

How did you propose?

Ante - I proposed in Centennial Park which we regularly visit to walk our puppy and has a very emotional connection with us. On that particularly special day, Aurore wasn't expecting the ring to be ready, so I took her and our dog Suri for a walk.

My nephew came with us too - I gave him a camera as he was to pretend he wanted to learn how to use it! I said that taking pictures of nature would be a perfect way to start learning photography! We finally arrived where I wanted to propose to Aurore: on the roots of a hundred years old tree. She was so surprised that she kept on asking "How did you get the ring? I thought it wasn't ready!" but she ended up saying yes!


Are there any tips, you both learnt along your journey, you would give someone starting this engagement ring design process?

Aurore - I would say that you should always think about whether you would still love that ring in 10, 20, 30 years? Moreover, to not follow any trends. Also, before my first meeting, I browsed first on Fairfax & Robert's website to immerse myself into the brand's universe which really helped me start the design conversation.

I would also say to trust the designer and jeweller fully as they help you through the process and take their advice. For example, first I thought the stone would be a little bit too big, but I trusted the competences of everyone involved into the design of my ring, and in the end, I am so glad I did because the size is just perfect.

What was your favourite part of the bespoke process?

Seeing the first sketch of the ring, it was beyond our expectation and so beautifully done - the person behind it is so talented that we kept it as part of a memory from our bespoke engagement ring. We also loved how attentive to the details everyone was during the creative process giving us expert guidance but also really listening to our concerns and wishes.

What's Involved In the Bespoke Engagement Ring Process? - Yellow ring x4 image -

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