Wrist Action

01 March 2017

“Professional men can’t wear much in the way of jewellery,” wrote author Nicholson Baker (yes, the one who wrote Vox, famously gifted to Bill Clinton by a young Monica Lewinsky) in his 1994 ode to nail clippers, Clip Art. “The gemless wedding band, the watch, the belt buckle, the key chain—possibly the quietly costly blue-enamelled pen in a shirt pocket—are among the few sanctioned outlets for the male self-embellishing urge.” Oh, how times have changed since then. Stylish men from every walk of life are now discovering what their female friends have known for a long time – a well-designed piece of men’s jewellery is a wonderful thing.
Cricketer David Warner is sporting a white gold and black rhodium-plated wedding band encrusted with five rows of pave-set diamonds following his recent wedding to Candice Falzon and Prince Harry is rarely seen without a wrist-full of bracelets (leather, beaded, copper). “A gentleman in a meeting with a pinstriped suit — it’s not unusual to see beads and silver poking out beneath his cuff,” Ken Downing of Neiman Marcus told The New York Times in a recent article about the rise of men’s jewellery.
One of the most covetable men’s bracelet ranges is that of Shamballa Jewels - worn by trendsetters from Jay Z to Karl Lagerfeld. These customisable, braided wrist adornments are inspired by the Himalayas and handmade in Copenhagen, where they are set with black diamonds and bespoke symbolism. A perfect, yet subtle, nod to individualism. After all, you can send a message without needing to shout.

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