Why You Need A David Yurman Pinky Ring

12 October 2018

A modern pinky ring is this season's must-have

Historically, signet rings were engraved with the wearer’s initials or family crest. Worn on the pinky finger, these rings embodied influence and social standing and were used to seal documents instead of a signature. Now, David Yurman has put a thoroughly modern spin on the Pinky Ring by encrusting it with brilliantly hued gemstones, emblazoning it with meaningful motifs or marking it with unique symbols. No longer limited to those of noble birth or documents of importance, these Pinky Rings are the perfect way to punctuate your everyday style.

the gemstone pinky ring

If you’d like to keep things traditional, gem-studded Pinky Rings are a playful way to express your signature style. These David Yurman designs forged from 18K yellow gold and hand-set with gemstones including white, or black, diamonds and sapphires, make a statement by themselves or when easily stacked with your existing pieces. You can also send a message by wearing your heart (or a star or evil eye) on your pinky with spirited motifs that are full of symbolism.

Why you need a David Yurman pinky ring - Yellow gold -

 A modern and colourful take on the signet ring trend, pavé Pinky Rings are a perfect way to add some punch to the everyday or layer with other pieces to create a special occasion look. These colourful gem-encrusted rings are endlessly versatile, whether your style is casual elegance, corporate chic or classic and timeless. Celebrities have also embraced the Pinky Ring trend, with both men and women wearing them on red carpets around the world—often stacked and twisted so they nestle neatly together. It’s a witty and modern take on a piece of jewellery that has spanned millennia.

Why you need a David Yurman pinky ring - Pinky Ring -

David Yurman Pinky Rings are available in Australia exclusively at Fairfax & Roberts. Visit our flagship store in Sydney to discover your signature #DYPINKY today.



As of February 2024, David Yurman product will not longer be available to purchase in the Fairfax & Roberts showroom or online at fairfaxandroberts.com.au.