Vintage Engagement Ring Designs

22 March 2018

What Is A Vintage Engagement Ring?

Intricate, hand-crafted, imbued with meaning and highly detailed. These are just some of the qualities we associate with luxury vintage jewellery. A vintage engagement ring may come to you as a family heirloom or through an auction house or jeweller. Wearing a vintage ring is a powerful statement of respecting the beauty of the past and bringing it forth into the future as well as your commitment to each other. They often come with a touching story as well. Vintage styles can work well with contemporary designs and fashion. They provide a counterpoint to what can be a more minimal style. Choosing a vintage ring for your engagement will almost certainly ensure that your ring is unique. Meanwhile many contemporary rings are inspired by vintage styles, an authentic vintage ring cannot be replaced. Although a vintage ring has not been custom made for you it can be re-sized to fit your finger. Depending on the style of the band, a jeweller will be able to assess whether this is possible.

Expert Tips On buying a Vintage Engagement Ring

If you’re interested in buying a vintage ring, it’s important to make sure you deal with a reputable jeweller or auction house to ensure the ring’s authenticity. You may want to engage the services of an independent valuer in order to have a second opinion on the quality of the stone and setting. If possible, try to determine the provenance of the ring. Who was it first designed and created for? Who has owned it since then.? In addition, original packaging and receipts will also add to the value of the ring.

Olivia Wilde

- Vintage engagement ring designs - Olivia Wild -

Olivia Wilde’s vintage ring features a round brilliant diamond, surrounded by a halo of small carré cut emeralds, set on a yellow gold band. The starlet is known for stepping out in bright colours and bold print. This one-of-a-kind vintage ring certainly complements her unique style. 

Mary-Kate Olsen

- Vintage engagement ring designs - Mary Kate Olsen -

Actress turned fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen has long been admired for her restrained sense of style. The engagement ring she received from fiancé Olivier Sarkozy only added to her mystique. The vintage Cartier ring was originally made in 1953. It features a four-carat European-cut diamond surrounded by 16 deep blue sapphires. Moreover, the diamond and sapphires sit atop a “crown” of diamond-studded petals. The band is made up of five separate strands of twisted gold. 

What is a vintage-inspired engagement ring?

In a world where the new and modern is highly prized, Fairfax & Roberts delight in creating one of a kind engagement rings. Our designers and craftsmen can bring vintage elements of coloured gems, such as emeralds, sapphires and rubies, and beautifully crafted precious metals together for your piece. Fusing stylish nostalgia with contemporary sensibilities, we create engagement rings that speak to the past, present and future. Besides, unique vintage-inspired engagement rings can be designed using heirloom stones from a family piece. With this purpose in mind, we happily assist in sourcing entirely new gemstones that are ready to tell a story of their own.

Our Very Own Vintage-Inspired Engagement Rings

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