Martine Emdur comes to Fairfax & Roberts

16 September 2020

Fairfax & Roberts has come together with artist Martine Emdur to explore new boundaries in a truly unique artistic collection. Exploring the depths and colours of the Australian landscape this new jewellery range, inspired by Martine Emdur’s paintings, captivates the senses with its tactile beauty. The collection includes pendants, bracelets and earrings and an enamelled body of each piece is reminiscent of Martine’s paintings with their play of light through the ocean. Each piece is handmade and completely unique, just like the ever-changing colours and textures of the Australian oceans. The collection is finished with diamonds and precious stones that evoke a playful mood in delicate 18K gold. The collection combines the award-winning skills of designer Julie Zou and enamellist Barbara Ryman to emulate the light of the ocean and bring Martine’s work into wearable form. “I love the temperature and colour contrasts between a warm blooded figure in the cool water. I love the light and warmth from the sun streaming through the surface, falling onto all below. It's the shadows forming underneath and in the distance that creates a real sense of mystery and tension.” - Martine Emdur Fairfax & Roberts is always searching for opportunities to broaden their creative horizon and this stunning Martine Emdur inspired collection brings this quest to life in a most breath-taking, and completely Australian, way. A truly exceptional piece of jewellery is a rare thing. The Martine Emdur Artist Collection is available in store at 19 Castlereagh St, Sydney. Martine is also exclusively exhibiting one of her stunning artworks at the Fairfax & Roberts showroom.


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