Leap year proposal – It’s not too late

16 September 2020

Amidst all the froth and bubble of the summer party season it may have escaped your attention that this year is a leap year. And we all know what that means. Right? Well, yes, there is that small sporting carnival known as the Olympics happening, but we’re more excited about the centuries-old Irish tradition that says February 29 is the day that a woman can propose to a man. And, if he refuses, there’s a penalty to be paid – traditionally this was money, or a gown, or 12 pairs of gloves (with which she could hide her ringless finger). Times have changed thank goodness and we’re sure that your love would say “yes!” any day of the year. Whether you make the proposal or prefer to let your love do the asking, we’re certainly in favour of taking charge of some elements of this exciting occasion – like choosing your own engagement ring. Our custom-made engagement rings are made by hand in our workshop, ensuring that your ring is uniquely yours. Come and talk to our experts about our bespoke design services and meet our in-house jewellers. A February 29 proposal is entirely up to you of course, but we’d like to help you be prepared, just in case!


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