Get the ring size right

18 January 2019

How to find the right engagement ring size

If a proposal is on the horizon, put the icing on the engagement cake by presenting your paramour with a ring that fits. Easier said than done, you’re thinking? Fairfax & Roberts have five easy ways to discover their ring size, without them suspecting a thing! We're here to help you get the ring size right. So, you’re preparing to pop the question but are missing a vital statistic? Forget about tying a piece of string around their finger while they’re asleep (that’s just creepy) and use one of our sure-fire tips for determining your partner’s ring size without showing your hand.

1. Use an existing ring

“Borrow” a ring they already own and take to the jeweller. Make sure you know which hand and finger they usually wear that ring on and let the jeweller know whether they’re right or left handed, as fingers on the dominant hand can be up to half a size larger.

2. make a marking

If you can’t get one of their rings out of the house, try it on yourself and use a pen to draw a line around your finger at the base of the ring. Then hotfoot to the jeweller and they’ll be able to determine the size from your marking.

2. Follow our ring-sizing guide

Alternatively, download and print a ring-sizing guide (download here) and simply match the internal diameter of their ring to the guide.

4. pretend you're buying for someone else

Take them shopping - for someone else. Pretend you need to buy a ring as a gift (maybe it’s for yourself!) and have them try on rings in the store. Loop the jeweller or sales associate in beforehand and they’ll be able to find a ring that fits perfectly.

5. Get help from family or friends

Phone a friend (or relative) to get the ring size right and enlist their help. They could have your partner try on their ring for size (who doesn’t love the chance to try someone else’s jewellery?). Alternatively, the friend could go “ring shopping” for themselves and take your partner along for advice - and the chance to try some on in-store. You can talk to the jeweller afterwards about which fit best.

resize your engagement ring

Getting the ring size right is a wonderful thing but don’t forget that most rings can be resized, so if the fit’s not quite right on your honey, relax and enjoy that engagement moment anyway. You can always visit the jeweller tomorrow.



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