Timeless Art Deco Jewellery

01 March 2017

"In olden days a glimpse of stocking was thought of something as shocking. Now heaven knows, anything goes!" Cole Porter's lyrics for the classic musical of the 1930s certainly summed up the spirit of the times as wealthy Americans were hosting Jay Gatsby-style parties during Prohibition, the British were adjusting to a society where nobility was slowly being eroded and Sydneysiders were excited by the recent opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge that finally linked the two halves of the city. Art Deco represented a brave new post-war world and one of the areas where this was most visible was in the jewellery sphere – and today, Art Deco jewellery is once more enjoying a revival. This interest in the jewellery of a bygone era has been sparked in no small part by the 2013 release of The Great Gatsby film, starring Carey Mulligan as a glittering Daisy, bedecked in a vast wardrobe of Deco jewels, the Art Deco Engagement Rings of celebrities including Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johannson and the continuing popularity of TV's Downton Abbey. The ladies of Downton parade a large collection of Deco-style jewellery including necklaces, brooches and hair ornaments throughout the series, and in fact, such is the popularity of the jewellery featured on the show that the wedding tiara worn by Lady Mary is now available to hire (with a sizable deposit), and keen collectors are searching for original pieces by designers of the day. The artful design of Art Deco jewellery is a style that has transcended time and it remains as elegant today as it was when it first appeared in the jewellery boxes of the world's most stylish women."

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