The Art Deco Engagement Ring

03 June 2020

Art Deco took hold of all aspects of design and the decorative arts in the 1920s, replacing the French-originated movement Art Nouveau. Conceived during the machine age, Art Deco jewellers were inspired by geometric patterns, and highly graphic, stylised designs. This is our guide to the Art Deco engagement ring.
Increased travel and a growing interest in other cultures also largely influenced Art Deco jewellery. Many Art Deco designs contain striking symbols, colours and patterns, derived from a cultural melting pot of modern and ancient civilisations. Due to this exotic background, colours central to Art Deco are bright and primary – seeing many Art Deco rings with gorgeous emerald, ruby and enamel finishes. Revolutionary developments in stone cutting also contributed to the excitement of Art Deco design. Stones were cut “en calibré”, a painstaking process in which diamonds and coloured gems were cut into odd shapes, such as triangles, squares and rectangles, so as to fit perfectly next to its neighbour. Scarlett Johansson’s ring is emblematic of this style, with the diamond accents expertly calibrated to fit into the ring’s rectangular setting.

Scarlett Johansson

Unique and timeless, Scarlett Johansson’s Art Deco engagement ring is one of our absolute favourite pieces. The ring features three round brilliant, bezel-set diamonds surrounded by glittering diamond accents on a rectangular base. This stunning ring was chosen by her fiancé, French journalist Romain Dauriac, and compliments the star’s self-confessed love of vintage clothing.
- The art deco engagement ring - Scarlett Johansson -


Art Deco jewellery was so popular during this period that some ring styles were mass produced using low-quality stones and workmanship. These rings may have historical value, but can also have a low monetary value. Those seeking to purchase an original Art Deco ring must beware of the quality of the metals and stones within the antique rings they are purchasing.
An excellent way of ensuring that you have an Art Deco-styled ring, without the worry of authenticity and quality, is by creating your own. At Fairfax & Roberts we specialise in Art Deco design, and source high-quality materials or recreate items from treasured heirlooms.

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